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Jun 29, 2010 10:50 AM

Can I get an update on Justine's?

I may be headed there this weekend but wanted to know:

1. if the A/C issue is fixed.
2. what's the general take on the staff/service?
3. I understand there are no reservations taken. What can we expect on a Friday or Saturday evening, wait-wise?


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  1. They will accept reservations for parties of six or more. It's hard to predict the wait, but an hour or so is common on weekends, and maybe longer if the weather is bad and no one wants to sit outside. And, I'm curious about the air conditioning problem, too - I'm not going back this summer until it's fixed, or improved, or something.....

    1. We were in last week during the day to watch a world cup game and they appeared to have a guy there working on their AC.

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      1. re: Lovey Howell

        I called on Wednesday and they returned my call on Thursday evening. They said the A/C was still not working but to come on in anyway. I'll pass. Sorry but I don't want to eat my lovely meal in an 89 degree house.

        1. re: chispa_c

          I would think that if the management of Justine's wants any business at all this summer, they will rectify this A/C matter I've stated, I love Justine's, but comfort while dining is almost as important as the food.

      2. Went last week and it was pleasantly air-conditioned. Quite crowded already on a Monday at 6:30, but able to take our walk-in two top.
        Overall, it was a pleasant, if pricey, experience. Sweet interior with lovely marble tables. A bartender actually playing records at the back wall. Very attentive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic (not annoyingly so) waitress. She recommended two nice glasses of wine: a rosé and pinot grigio from a concise but respectable wine list. They were poured generously. We were brought bread and olive oil, which was good. I wasn't expecting it at a "French brasserie". I shrugged and figured either a) I just don't appreciate that this isn't an entirely Italian move or b) They had decided not to be precious about the whole affair.

        Salad was a special: local tomatoes, "handmade" croutons, and hardboiled egg with basil and a cream sauce. The tomatoes were wonderful, if sparse - but the crouton and egg were just... well, what they always are. The sauce however was really divine, and definitely supported the other flavors quite gracefully.

        We also got the scallops, which were cooked well, preserving a nice texture that contrasted with the mesculin that accompanied them. But the meat (bacon?) around them and the lack of much other interesting flavor left the whole dish simply salty and oily. I punctuated it with the mustard aioli that came with a side of fries we ordered and it all worked out. Once again, the fries were fries. Nothing revelatory.

        Skipped dessert & more wine, but definitely left feeling sated and doted on, if not blown away.

        1. One sublime fish, an amazing tartare, another awesome fish with crispy skin, delicious haricot verts, cocktails, fun times, and a bouncy atmosphere all lend to my impression of this place as a rock-and-roll French country-style party house.

          Then begin the salt attack.

          My last three visits have been marred by salt. Salt. SALT. I love salt. You can't reasonably oversalt me.

          The tartare is still a jam. Everything else is so teeth-rattlingly salty, it far surpasses the discomfort re: the weak AC. (Which is weak still. The place is a bakehouse. One rumor I've heard, which I obviously cannot confirm or deny, is that they're happy to move slow fixing the AC, as they don't mind being American Apparelish and the odious heat helps to bake out the heavier folks.)

          Justine's insiders: was there head chef turnover? Are there bad nights where the QA slips? Help us! I was one of Justine's biggest fans before a lone salt trauma turned into a salt trend. I've recommended many head J's way, but I'm now rescinding this assessment (and my own attendance) until the salt problems get sorted out.

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          1. re: tom in austin

            My assumption is that at this time the restaurant cannot afford to replace the current residential-level air conditioning with the necessary commercial-grade system - that could easily run $25,000-$30,000. If you've been to Justine's recently, and felt uncomfortably warm, can you imagine what it must be like back in the kitchen?

            1. re: tom in austin

              My grandfather used to give me salt pills whenever I was feeling the effects of prolonged heat. Maybe Justine's is trying to stave off the side effects of serving in a sweat box?

              1. re: reinadetostones

                While I appreciate a commercial system might be expensive I cannot imagine the effect its having on their overall business. We ate at Justine's in June; it was hot, humid and the flies were awful. Bottom line, Texas summers mandate AC.... in my opinion, they can't afford not to replace.

                4710 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702

            2. I was there this weekend-there were no AC issues to report. The service has steadily improved each time-this was my third visit. I consider the food hit or miss. Justine's best feature for me, at this point is its late hours.