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Jun 29, 2010 10:46 AM

Gazpacho in a milk carton - idea for Trader Joe's or... whoever will do it

I know a lot of Chowhounders will say yuck... but I was in France recently and we went on a picnic and someone brought along gazpacho in a carton. We had gazpacho shots! It was wonderful and refreshing. Unfortunately gazpacho this side of the atlantic is usually not that great. Usually it is too chunky and on the bitter side. It could be the European cucumber with a thinner skin. I don't know why. I think it might be because the Spanish add a bit of bread crumbs or maybe it is bread to the blended gazpacho and it makes it less bitter and really savory. You buy it in the refrigerator section. I think if someone could copy this on this side of the Atlantic that it would be a big success. But it has to be refrigerated and fresh.

I will try to find out what brand it was.

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    1. I have seen something like this at Fairway in NYC--can't remember the brand name, but it is from Spain....

      1. I make my gazpacho in fairly large batches because it lasts 5 days with no problem. I can't think of a reason to import it from Spain.

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          I'm thinking import the recipe, not the product. I ate some Trader Joe's gazpacho today and I think American Gazpacho's have either to much tomato or maybe they are using canned tomatoes. Also I do think the rind of the American cucumbers is too tough and makes it bitter. Yes I can make it myself but I am trying to identify why a packaged product in France tasted so satisfying while most restaurants here don't make one as good as that.

          Meanwhile I wish someone here would make one like the one we had in France as it is a great thing to be able to buy and take on a picnic.

          1. re: Chiotgourmand

            i think it is the type of tomato - has to be sweet, cuke, bread, and i think they use a lot of good buttery olive oil.

            1. re: vuvuv

              I find that canned tomatoes are better than any but really good fresh tomatoes.

              For cucumbers, try the smaller Asian cucumbers - the skin is thin and not at all bitter, and you don't have to seed them.

          2. re: Veggo

            Veggo, I agree. I also bought gazpacho in a cardboard carton in Spain but here at home prefer the low-cal version I make in five minutes by processing tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and onions, adding this to a big can of tomato juice, and seasoning with olive oil, vinegar, salt, cumin, and a little hot chili pepper. You end up with half a gallon and it lasts for days.

          3. It is very common in France. I think supermarket chains often have own brands.

            I don't like gazpacho enough to buy or make it so I haven't tried it - I'll certainly eat it if it is offered as I like all the components very much, but I don't care for cold soups - prefer chopped salad.

            Chiot, you can always peel the skin of cucumbers if you find them too thick or bitter. Or perhaps try the Lebanese-type cucumbers?

            1. I used to eat this all the time in Barcelona. Yum!