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Jun 29, 2010 10:17 AM

Dining Options in La Quinta/Indian Wells/Palm Desert

Hey everybody:

I'm running a program for work with about 23 people in need of quite a few offsite group dinners. So far, we've hit the pub menu at Arnold Palmer's (good service, food just fine, pub menu not too pricey and with nice variety for what it was), Jackalope (overpriced, but food wasn't bad, pretty cheezy higher-end chain-tastic ambience), and Firecliff (firecliff was actually a smaller group--a lovely little restaurant with good, no-nonsense CA fusion).

I'm in need of 10 more spots! We have a closing dinner scheduled at the Cliffhouse already, but I need to fill in the other gaps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are shooting for a nice mix of nice places that aren't exorbitantly expensive ($35 mains are out).

As always, fellow hounds, thanks for the help!

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  1. City Wok, Palm Desert.

    When in a culinary waste land like this area, I always look for an IHOP and bury myself into their scrumptious Swedish pancakes and some fairly decent chain food. There are several in this area. They Swedish pancakes are worth it even if you are not in a culinary wasteland.

    City Wok
    74970 Country Club Dr Ste 450, Palm Desert, CA 92260

    1. Over the weekend, I went to the new 3rd Corner in Palm Desert. it is a retail wine shop/wine bar (I think they might have a full bar)/ restaurant.

      We had a few appetizers in the bar plus a ton of wine and we paid $40 each with a hefty tip.
      It might be good for your group. You choose your wine and pay $5 corkage plus retail - so just make sure whoever is choosing the wine, has your budget in mind.

      They JUST opened, so they may be working out a few kinks... but it would be a great, relaxed spot for a large party.

      1. Good honest food in the mid range prices is what is missing in the desert. There are a few excellent top level places with splurge prices. And there are some delicious little joints.
        That said, I think the Grove at Miramonte serves mostly really good food and offers a very good value. And the setting seems like something far more expensive. A good place for a crowd as they have many small plates on the menu (I just got back from Spain and I refuse to use the word tapas to describe this California trend).
        The IW Club is also improving little by little and has a fabulous view at Sunset.
        All the way in PS, if you are willing to drive that far, Copley's is a stand out food wise, and Jake's has delicious casual cuisine of a quality that is usually difficult to find down here. It is small, but they DO have a bar for your crowd!
        For those of us from the SF or LA areas, that is pretty slim pickin's.............

        IW Club
        44500 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells, CA 92210