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Along the 95 corridor.

jeninfocus Jun 29, 2010 10:12 AM

I'll be driving from Baltimore MD to Myrtle Beach SC, alone, in the middle of July. Any must see destinations? Sugestions for lunch or dinner?

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    Littleman Jun 29, 2010 04:26 PM

    That's a 9/10 hour drive. Will you be leaving early and driving all the way. All I can do is suggest some great road food places along I 95 but I need to know your plans. Are you going to stop for the night and make a two day trip or what are your plans. What kind of food are you looking for. There's great BBQ and country food along I 95 in NC. Thanks.

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      Sue in Mt P Jun 29, 2010 04:38 PM

      Right. I've done that drive more times than I'd like to count. And you'll have to get off the highway for the really good stuff. Give us a schedule we can make good recs for you.

      1. re: Sue in Mt P
        jeninfocus Jun 30, 2010 09:19 AM

        I plan to leave early Saturday morning and drive right on thru to Myrtle Beach, long drive I know. So if i leave at 6am I figure I'll hit the Richmond VA area around 930. Figure that would be a good time to stop stretch my legs and get some breakfasty food. Then Richmond to Fayetteville NC should be about 4 hrs, I have no idea if this would be a good place for lunch around 2? Then from there 3 more hours to Myrtle Beach... I'll be tired and need to stop some where in there for coffee and a snack.
        BBQ sounds good to me, btw :)

        1. re: jeninfocus
          Littleman Jun 30, 2010 12:01 PM

          If you would take I 95 through Richmond rather than bypass I 295 you could get off at Exit 76B and have an outstanding breakfast at The Black Sheep which serves country food 3 meals a day. Millie's Diner in Richmond serves an excellent brunch on Saturday starting at 10 AM but it's on I 95 also at Exit 74B.

          Black Sheep @ 901 West Marshall St., Richmond, VA 804 - 648 - 1300.


          Millie's Diner @ 2603 East Main St., Richmond, VA 804 - 643 - 5512.


          Right before Fayetteville at Exit 73 in Dunn, NC is Kim's BBQ which is a small country cafe with good BBQ and fried chicken. It's a few minutes from I 95 in town.

          Kim's BBQ House @ 900 W. Broad St., Dunn, NC. 910 - 892 - 7750.

          Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ in Fayetteville is really great but you would need to get off I 95 at Exit 56 going S and you will run into it after you pass the river. It's on NE Blvd. at Adam St. Take SE Blvd. S to MLK Fwy. going S which will take you back out to I 95 after you get your fill of BBQ.

          Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ @ 113 N. Eastern Blvd., Fayetteville, NC. 910 - 484 - 5109.


          On your way back to Baltimore you may be close to Richmond, VA for lunch/early dinner. Go to Buzz and Ned's BBQ which is at Exit 78 on I 95. Turn left on Hermitage then right on Robin Hood then left on Blvd. Go past baseball field and it's on the left. Indoor and outdoor seating with good ribs, pulled pork and sides.

          Buzz and Ned's Real BBQ @ 1119 N. Blvd., Richmond, VA. 804 - 355 - 6055.


          A nice country restaurant at Exit 31 at Stony Creek, VA you might like on the way back is Stony Creek Tastee Hut serving good BBQ. It's right off the IS just N of Exit 31 on Blue Star Hwy.

          Stony Creek Tastee Hut @ 12420 Blue Star Hwy., Stony Creek, VA. 434 - 246 - 2328.

          1. re: Littleman
            Sue in Mt P Jun 30, 2010 12:16 PM

            For lunch go a little further down from Fayetteville to Exit 1, on the NC SC border. You will see South of the Border. Go the other way into Rowland. Go @ a mile until you see the car wash on the left. Turn left. I block down you'll see The Pink House. Really good fried chicken on the buffet. You will see no tourists.

            1. re: Sue in Mt P
              Littleman Jun 30, 2010 12:52 PM

              Thanks Ms. Sue. Give Jeninfocus a few recommendations in MB and Murrell's Inlet. I will dig up a couple too. Thanks.

              1. re: Littleman
                Sue in Mt P Jun 30, 2010 01:10 PM

                I never go up there! The farthest I go is to Pawley's and the only place I've been up there recently is High Hammock. It's part of the maverick group and it is great. I had shrimp and grits and salad. Wonderful food, excellent friendly service and lovely surroundings.

                1. re: Sue in Mt P
                  Littleman Jun 30, 2010 01:58 PM

                  Lee's Inlet Kitchen, Pawley's Island Tavern, The River Room in Georgetown, Salt Creek Cafe, High Hammock and Captain Daves.

                  Lee's Inlet Kitchen @ 4460 Highway 17, Murrell's Inlet, SC 843 - 651 - 2881.
                  Pawley's Island Tavern @ 10635 Ocean Hwy., Pawleys Island, SC 843 - 237 - 8465.
                  The River Room @ 801 Front St., Georgetown, SC 843 - 527 - 4110.
                  Salt Creek Cafe @ 4660 Highway 17, Murrells Inlet, SC 843 - 357 - 2433.
                  High Hammock @ 10880 Ocean Hwy., Pawleys Island, SC 843 - 979 - 0300.
                  Captain Dave's Dockside Restaurant @ 4037 Hwy. 17 Business, Murrells Inlet, SC 843 - 651 - 5850.

                  1. re: Littleman
                    afriye13 Jul 2, 2010 03:33 PM

                    Any rec's for lunch between Richmond and Corolla on 95? My sister plans to stop at Sonic, but that's just not going to happen.

                    1. re: afriye13
                      Littleman Jul 2, 2010 07:48 PM

                      Corrolla where.

                      1. re: Littleman
                        afriye13 Jul 2, 2010 09:23 PM

                        Corolla NC in the Outer Banks, north of Duck. Torn between routes. I typed 95 earlier, but I meant 64 - sorry! 460 might be a better route, though. Of course, I could take 95 down to 158. Anyway, good food might be the deciding factor. Any cuisine will do, so long as it's tasty!

                        1. re: afriye13
                          jeninfocus Jul 7, 2010 06:38 AM

                          Thank you all so much!! This is immensely helpfull :)

                          1. re: jeninfocus
                            Sue in Mt P Jul 7, 2010 12:57 PM

                            Let us know how you do!

                          2. re: afriye13
                            Littleman Jul 7, 2010 01:58 PM

                            On your way to Outer Banks here's a few suggestions. S of Norfolk at I64 Exit 290 A in Chespeake, VA there's a fine country food place.

                            Ms. Marian's Restaurant @ 1437 Sam's Drive, Chesapeake, VA 757 - 547 - 5556.

                            Just past the VA/NC state line is Southland which is a big gas station/restaurant complex and you can get good country food there near Moyock, NC on # 158.

                            Southland Trade Restaurant @ 141 Caratoke Highway, Moyock, NC 252 - 435 - 6247.

                            Or head to Barco for good BBQ.

                            Currituck BBQ @ 4467 Caratoke Highway, Barco, NC 252 - 453 - 6618.

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