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Jun 29, 2010 10:11 AM

Berlin- where to watch the world cup while having some light fare?- TIME SENSITIVE

We had plans to go to Brachvogel tonight to eat and watch the game, but we had a pretty heavy lunch at KaDeWe (delicious though!) followed by a delicious pfannkuchen at Literahaus,. and we are not totally feeling up to facing another sausage. Any suggestions of where to watch that we can grab a salad or something less brutal? Maybe asian? sushi? THANKS

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  1. never mind- didnt know it was such a stupid question given that EVERY bar and restaurant in town in showing the WC. Went to Berkis (Greek).

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      I only saw your msg at 10 pm and figured it might be too late. Berkis, tho, is an excellent choice! Did you like it?

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        How was Berkis? I'll be in town again in a few weeks and want to give it a try.