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Jun 29, 2010 09:58 AM

Uptown Cafeteria

Sort of looks like a nightmare. Anyone been? We are checking it out tonight....looks like a little of this and a little of that. Read the short review in the Trib. Any other opinions? The patio does look fab though.

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  1. Heavy Table trashed it pretty good - http://heavytable.com/uptown-cafeteri...

    It seems like uptown is becoming a magnet for impressive rooftop patios and/or people watching marred by crap food. I like that neighborhood less and less every time I go there. But maybe that's just me...

    1. Been there twice for HH. Saw Phil Roberts patrolling the floor both nights. Never went up to the roof so cannot comment on that. For happy hour, it's okay; nothing's going to blow your socks off.

      Disco Fries: crinkle cut fries with gravy and cheese sauce. Not poutine but for $3 I wasn't expecting it either.

      HH Burger basket: actually a pretty good burger again with crinkle cut fries. Pink in center, came hot to the table.

      Wed. nite special of beef stroganoff: split it with BF. Good; thought the chunks of beef were kinda big. My grandma always cut it in strips so I'm biased that way.

      They ran out of HH wine the 2nd time (first Thurs they were open). All that was left at 6:30 was white zin. We stuck to the beer though. Heard they are trimming happy hour back to end at 6 instead of 7.

      It was certainly overstaffed so didn't have a problem with getting water, clearing plates, etc.

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        We went and it wasn't as horrible as it could be.

        Warm Cheddar Biscuits: Really really dry. We need so much butter to eat them. Our party only ate 1/4 of the large portion. Sent it back and they took it off the bill.

        Veggine Mini Sliders- Like burger jones, but a bit better. Good flavoring. Not too bad for 8 bucks. Small side salad. Wasn't impressed with their choices of dressing.

        Shrimp Pita- This was pretty delightful and simple. It isn't high class, but it did the job. Sort of tasted like food you would eat around the pool.

        Hangar Steak- Don't eat meat, but he liked it and got a small portion.

        Strawberry Lemon Icebox cake- The cake was very good and light, the whipped cream had too much sour cream in it.

        All in all, it was nice to sit by the large window. I would come back, I wouldn't run here by any means. But if you want something comfortable and not contributing to the culinary world..stop by here.

        The sky bar looked pooping, too many people. I feel like bros and cougars are going to love this joint.

      2. It's PARASOLE thats really all you need to know this place isn't going to suprise you. That being said I think its my favorite parasole restraunt. The food is fairly simple and more reasonably priced than their other establishments. I had the meatloaf one time and sloppy joes the other they were acceptable. The drink menu looks pretty good, I've only had coffee and beer when I've been, my friends had the lemonade and said it was pretty good. I have to say the roof is pretty nice and will hopefully torpedo Stella's. One of the major problems seems to be that the kitchen is on the first floor and the only have a half bar upstairs. Apparently its a huge hassle to get anything from downstairs no matter how busy they are. I have already had pretty terrible service, fighting with a waitress to get something from downstairs.

        In all honesty its probably more of a drinks place, think of it as a nice sky bar in uptown with a slightly less douchebag crowd. Though I did hear one of the worst pickup lines ever used here.

        I have to agree with Keith, unfortunately I live in Kenwood which is pretty much uptown and I find myself there more than I like. It's completely amateur hour in uptown on the weekends and the good restraunts are few and far between. The lyn-lake area has a few gems and is more tolerable but can still get pretty dumb. It's only a matter of time til parasole owns every restraunt here. Basically I just don't care for all the people that come to visit.

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          there hasnt been a good cafeteria in uptown since becky's closed, or since before becky's closed for that matter...