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Jun 29, 2010 09:22 AM

Edm RROTM - July - Melting Pot

The Edmonton RROTM for July is The Melting Pot.

Please try to visit this restaurant sometime this month, and post your reviews here!

The Melting Pot
#117, 2920 Calgary Trail NW
780-465-4DIP (4347)

Melting Pot
2920 Calgary Trail, Edmonton, AB T6J, CA

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  1. That makes me want to arrange a July delievery to Edmonton.

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    1. re: worldwidestuff

      I'll meet you! Send me an e-mail. No one I know wants to go there with me. :(

        1. re: worldwidestuff

          Went to Melting Pot on a Sunday night. With reservations it was still a bit of a wait while they got our table ready. A majority of the tables are very private booths for various numbers, we had a cozy one for 2. We had one burner within arms reach on the table. There are group tables and one or two private rooms with multiple burners.

          Overall the service was prompt and courteous. Our server knew a fair amount about the restaurant and the menu but her wine knowledge is lacking. This is too bad as they have some interesting wines that would have been nice to know about. There were a couple of German wines which would probably go well, if I knew which were not to sweet, the bartender lumped them altogether as 'sweet' which I do not believe.

          We opted for the 4 course menu feature which was a Asian/Tropical theme and paired it with an Argentinian Torrontes, which worked perfectly. We started with a gruyere/harvarti cheese fondue spiked with horseradish and mirin/sake, served with the usual accoutrements (bread, veggies, apples). The flavor of the cheese was such a nice change from the usual swiss style fondue (which they do have)

          Second course was lettuce wraps, enjoyable, good dressing, ample portion.

          Main course we went with the Mojo style pot (there are 4 different types of fondues, broth or oil). Ours was broth with Caribbean flavor and citrus. I was concerned that the broth would be over salted, but it was not. It had a delicate flavor, just enough to infuse the food. We indulged on Lobster (which is my new favorite for fondue!), shrimp, chicken, dumplings, tuna and vegetables. They were all fantastic and came with a crash course in how to cook them properly (there are warnings all over the menu about eating undercooked food). They all complemented the broth perfectly. Tuna was an unexpected surprise, taking a mere dip in the hot broth to sear it perfectly. We were given about 8 or 10 different dipping sauces, all were great!

          Dessert was a chocolate fondue with a peanut butter swirl, served with fruit, cake, marshmallows and brownies. the extra peanut butter flavor was an interesting addition, but I think I prefer pure chocolate.

          The bill was about $160 including wine and tip, and we were stuffed. It took us about 3 hours to eat all the food, which is a nice leisurely pace for all that food, I would not have wanted to hurry. This seems to be about average time for a full meal.

          The pot was good, a little bit of a reach for a shorty like me, and perfect size for 2 people, I wonder about how crowded a pot with 4 people would be. I think you would lose a lot of food and have tangled forks a lot. The controls are out of reach, so the waitstaff look after all of that for you.

          I would highly recommend this place, even though it is a dreaded chain. I think the concept is unique, the food great, and the atmosphere appealing, the price seems reasonable as well. If you love fondue, you will love the new twists. If you are new to fondue or find it MEH, I think you might be converted over to a fan.

          Melting Pot
          2920 Calgary Trail, Edmonton, AB T6J, CA

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Thanks for this Cleo. I drove by yesterday and was curious about it. Forgot it was the RROTM for July. Maybe Hubby and I'll hit it up in a couple of weeks. Our first fondue, together, was in Banff and we loved it. We have a baby now so long, glorious dinners out are pretty much on hold for a few years. Hopefully we can hit it for lunch our week off.