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Jun 29, 2010 08:52 AM

Looking for a well-rounded specialty grocer in BaltCo or Balt City

Hi, I'm moving from Boston/Cambridge to Carroll County and I'm looking for a quality specialty grocer. I've been lucky enough to live near Russo's and Savenors in MA, so I'm looking for something similar in Baltimore County and/or city (I'm willing to drive for the good stuff).

I have a car and usually spend $70-80 a week on groceries for myself. I would love to find a place that has a wide selection of fruits/veg, a knowledgeable cheesemonger and good meats.

Any help would be appreciated! :)

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  1. it's a tough call. Russo's is one of a kind. Here in Baltimore Whole Foods has the largest cheese selection, but their fruit and veg isn't as inexpensive as Russo's. The Farmer's Markets are great, especially the one year round on Saturdays in Waverly and the one under the JFK downtown on Sunday mornings. The other good place is Wegman's in Hunt Valley. They have it all. It is the only place that my Russo's shopping mom has found in Baltimore that makes her jealous.
    Good luck!

    1. Whole Foods, Wegmans, TJ's, and the farmers markets... thats about it for your area. If you venture to Columbia Davids Natural Market is nice.

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        Or Roots in Clarksville. But my vote would be the Hunt Valley Wegman's. You can go high or low end there, and the produce, meat, and seafood are always top notch.

        1. Nothing really fits the bill as you've described it. Wegmans is huge and will have everything, but the nearest composite would actually be Belvedere Square in baltimore City, just north and east of Johns Hopkins. It's a market with independent vendors (butcher, baker, fishmonger, etc.). of the best are Atwaters (baker, also soups and decent cheese selection); Ceriello's (butcher and Italian specialties); Neopol (they smoke everything, starting with salt and moving through tofu, fish, meat); and Planet Produce (you've guessed it, but excellent smoothies and freshly-squeezed blood orange juice). Also a good wine shop, Grand Cru.

          Along the lines of a grocery store, Eddies on Charles Street and Roland Avenue (also north Baltimore City) has excellent meats and strong service.

          1. I'll reiterate the recommendations for Eddie's of Roland Park and the Belvedere Market at York and Northern Pkwy. I will add the suggestion of Fresh Market- located just inside the beltway at Greenspring. I've been impressed with their vegetables, meats and cheeses. Great staff, too. Good luck in your move!

            1. Thanks for all your help. I suspected there was a dearth of options, but I will definitely make a list of these to explore.

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                  Tip of the hat to Mark Twain

                  "..Good Bye Cambridge, we're moving to Carroll County, MD.
                  Good Bye House, we're moving to Carroll County, MD
                  Good Bye trees, we're moving to Carroll County, MD.
                  Good Bye God, we're moving to Carroll County, MD."
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