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Jun 29, 2010 08:12 AM

Wave Hill Bread

On a trip up to Weston Ct. we stopped and got some bread at Wave Hill Bread in Wilton Ct.
There is no retail store just the back of a small bread making shop where the smell was wonderful and the friendly workers were busy kneading hand made loaves. I'm a lover of good bread and we decided to buy 3 loaves , all of which turned out to be deliciously crusty and chewy, my mimimum requirements of good bread. In one case a a large bastone type loaf sat for two days before being reheated and still was excellent.

Wave Hill Breads
196 Danbury Rd, Wilton, CT 06897

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  1. The Pantry in Fairfield sells their bread on a daily basis.

    PS: they make awesome little desserts, too.

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      So does Balducci's in Westport, Peter's Market in Weston and they sell at the Westport Farmers Market, probably other markets as well.
      Great bread...try it for french toast on day 3...yum!

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        Also in Stamford at New Wave Seafood Retail (across from the register) Mrs. Green's Market (right by the registers) Whole Foods Darien, even the A&P Fresh Market on High Ridge,

    2. They also have a stand at Gossett's Farm Market across the border in South Salem.

      1. Highland Park in Farmington has their bread on Saturdays. Very good.

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          They sold at the farmington farmer's market (at Hillstead Museum) this past summer and are on the vendor list for this summer: