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Jun 29, 2010 07:36 AM

Pies 'n' Thighs recs?

I'm heading to Pies 'n' Thighs for the first time and am looking for recommendations. There are a smattering of reviews on the boards and most praise the chicken and pulled pork. What are the can't-miss items on the menu?

Thanks in advance.

Pies 'n' Thighs
166 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. Don't miss the fried chicken box.

    1. I lived down south, and the fried chicken and pulled pork really don't do it for me at Pies N Thighs. However, the fried chicken biscuit is excellent, and if they have the black eyed peas, get them, too!

      1. yeah, the biscuits are what is really good there. I like the fried chicken a lot more at No. 7 Greene. I have heard the burgers are good at Pies 'n' Thighs--I think I'm going to get that the next time I go because the fried chicken didn't measure up, imo. I still like it there though, would return.

        No. 7
        7 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

        1. I have not gone past the chicken box. I think their fried chicken pretty much rocks. The pulled pork is just ok, i wouldn't pass it up if it were in front of me unless there was fried chicken behind it!

          1. The chicken part of the fried chicken is stringy and tough, but the "fried" is excellent. The first time I went (in this incarnation) I was able to overlook the chicken's weakness. The second I found it disappointing. The fried catfish is good, but they pour hot sauce on it. It's a smoky-flavored hot sauce that kind of contaminates it (if you don't like that flavor, which I don't). I will ask them to leave it on the side if there is a next time. Warning: they also pour this hot sauce on the grits. Key lime pie is fantastic. Banana cream pie was intensely banana flavored and delicious once. The second time it tasted like candy--little banana flavor.