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Eating with 1 Year Old in St. Germain/Latin Quarter--Suggestions for All Meals and esp. good Bakeries

brownie Jun 29, 2010 06:22 AM

I'll be with my one-year old, solo, or seule, I guess, for just 2 nights. We'll be staying near L'Universite and Pre de Clercs (as a crossroads). He's a good little guy, but won't do well for more than a short meal. I am not looking for great French cuisine meals because it's unrealistic, but I also don't want to only eat pizza. I know it's a pricey area in which to stay, but it's also super convenient to Louvre and Orsay and Tuilieres which is kind of key for us.
So: which patisseries do you all most recommend for breakfast, both for a nice raisin brioche for the little guy and some sort of pain integral for me?
I'd love to find some great middleastern if possible and some good modern French cooking in a casual setting. I know there's an American man who has a very small resto in Paris which sort of meets that criteria (can't recall the name), but they'd have to be OK with a small guy eating with me.
Also, a rec for a great cafe where he can have a really tasty Croque Monsieur would be very welcome. He's got an adventurous palate, but still, sometimes a nice grilled cheese hits the spot.

Thank you so much!
Brownie (from the New Jersey Board)

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    brownie Jun 30, 2010 07:45 AM

    Thank you both! Yes, rue de Pre aux Clercs, I couldn't remember the full name. Don't tempt me with the shopping! I'm really glad to know about the market street, that should help us with all meals, really. Perfect!

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      Parigi Jul 1, 2010 04:20 AM

      Another market street not far from you is Rue de Buci, but it is small and the selection is not that good. It is more noted for people-watching than for food quality.
      Remember the French market hours are usually Tuesday to Sunday mornings, until about 12:30. Some shops stay open until 1pm. And also Tuesday to Saturday afternoons, from about 4pm to about 7:30pm or 8pm.

    2. Parigi Jun 29, 2010 07:10 AM

      (YOu mean rue du Pré aux clercs? Great street for fashion shopping…)

      For meals, and esp if you have chosen your location for its nearness to the museums, the Louvre food court may fit your familiy's needs.

      As for bakeries, along rue Solférino, there are a few bakeries.

      Your nearest market street is rue de Bourgogne, which has good charcuteries, traituers, bakeries, etc. A good option is to get a picnic meal from a traiteur and bakery, then picnic with your little one on Champ de Mars or on the bridge Pont des Arts (safer than along the Seine for the little one).
      On 6 rue de Bourgogne, the traiteur-pâtissier Rollet Pradier is expensive but good.
      You are in fact not far from a sort of a blessed corner for pâtisseries: Patisserie des Rêves on 93 Rue du Bac and Dalloyau‎ on 63 Rue de Grenelle. Neither is cheap. Both will ruin your boy's life as he tastes the best before he can walk.

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        Oakglen Jun 29, 2010 07:50 AM

        At the corner, #2 rue de L'Universite, is a small cafe that has great pastries, quiche etc. Children welcomed.

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