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Jun 29, 2010 05:24 AM

Shanghai Chow?

OK, so I read this article -- -- and immediately became curious about all the amazing-sounding food that I'd never had before. Anyone know a good place in Flushing (or elsewhere) to get some of these Shanghai treats? If you don't want to click on the article, the foods listed were:
-Pai Gu Nian Gao
- Hongshao Rou
-Sheng Jian Bao
-Hongshao Shizi Tou
-You Bao Xia


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  1. Love Shanghai food...the best places I've found have been in Manhattan, I'm not familiar with any in Flushing (scoopG, any thoughts)? The best classy Shanghai restaurant in the city is the Tang Pavilion as far as I'm concerned, have posted on it on the Manhattan board quite a bit. They have most of these plus other Shanghai delights. Haven't seen the pork chop rice cake dish but TP has rice cake dishes especially around New Year's; redcooked pork is available there and at the Shanghai places in Manhattan Chinatown (New New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, corner of Mott and Bayard) among others; the best raw-fried buns I've had recently were at the Old Sichuan that used to be the New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, on Bayard between Mott and Elizabeth - the lady in charge there is Shanghainese; the redcooked lion's head meatballs are very good at Tang Pavilion; the Peking Duck House on lower Mott in Manhattan has the oil-poached shrimp I believe (others must too, it's a typical dish).

    1. Nan Xiang at 38-12 Prince Street in Flushing should do. I can only see from the takeout menu they have 5 different rice cake dishes (shredded pork, but no pork chop) and sheng jian bao.

      Nan Xiang:

      A Taste of Shanghai:

      An older thread on Nan Xian vs. Joes Shanghai:

        1. re: bigjeff

          That's a very good restaurant, but did you ever determine if it's Shanghainese running it or people from Taiwan as I got the impression?

        2. most of these dishes should be fairly readily available although execution on them maybe lacking

          generally i've been going to taste of shanghai for shanghainese food although ive found some dishes are very good and others are mediocre (their soup dumplings are whatever for example).

          nanxiang's sheng jian bao are not very good fyi

          buttertart - its run by shanghainese, its the old chef from the defunct yangtze restaurant (which was by far the best shanghainese in flushing; they now own shanghai tide which is mainly a hot pot place, but i heard their shanghainese food is still good). yangtze was definitely run by shanghainese b/c my friend went there with her parents all the time and they would blabber away in shanghainese with the staff there (they were regulars, ate there like once a week


          btw if anyone happens to find good hong shao rou, id be very curious to try as I cannot for the life of me find anywhere that does an even passable job (surprising as it's not that difficult of a dish)