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Jun 29, 2010 01:00 AM

Lunch near the Royal Academy - help! [London]

Does anyone have any suggestions for lunch near the Royal Academy? My parents are visiting London, and my dad has trouble walking too far, so I'm keen to sort something relatively close to the RA. Hopefully nothing too pricey, but any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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  1. rose bakery in dover st market?

    1. There are a lot of places (many outdoor tables) in Shepherd Market. I don't know of any one better than the others since I've never stopped to eat there. Someone here should! There is also the Polish, L'Autre, but I'm not sure whether they serve lunch. Canteen is there, too... not my favorite place but handy.

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        If you decide to splash out, there's Fortnum & Mason across the road. If you're not, I'm pretty sure there's an Itzu also just across the road. Or macarons at Laduree. There's a very nice bar at the top of Waterstones in the old Simpsons building, but I don't know whether it does food. Worth checking out - good views.

      2. I'm told the restaurant in the Royal Academy is very good. As alternatives, a nice but expensive Italian called Alloro on Dover Street, The Wolseley on Piccadilly, or as other posts mention, a whole host of places in and around Shepherd's Market. Le Boudin Blanc is usually great.

        1. Where did you go to in the end, Alex? I went to the RA cafe yesterday which was Ok, rather than very good. Alloro is certainly expensive, but there is a Chez Gerard in Dover Street and also a nice-looking cafe called something like Cucina. Or probably the nicest - you could buy a picnic in Fortnums and eat it in Green Park.

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            Automat on Dover St. is pretty solid and you can always get a table at the front without booking.

            The Only Running Footman pub in Mayfair does pretty good grub, as does the Guinea Grill on Bruton Place/Mews (can't remember which) - the latter is a VERY old school English pub/restaurant.

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              I've not gone yet. I'm going on Saturday. Leaning towards something on Dover Street at the moment. I'll report back when I've been.

              Thanks again.

              edit: its a shame launceston place is so far away, as they're offering 3 courses and a ticket to the exhibition for £25. that strikes me as a bargain.

          2. consider
            Terroirs 5 William IV Street
            London WC2N 4DW
            020 7036 0660

            A great wine bar near Charing cross- probably best if you love wine but definitely good


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              Was going to suggest this too but thought the OP poster would have already been to the RA.