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Jun 28, 2010 09:34 PM

What is this fruit tree?

Some posters suggested better luck identifying my mystery fruit tree on this board, thanks for any help!

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  1. I think one of your trees is a greengage and the other (smaller fruit) may be another type of plum, possibly Italian or some other cultivar. Check this greengage photo, the foliage and fruit looks quite similar to yours:


    Quite ripe fruit:

    here's a photo of an Italian prune plum tree and fruit:

    Italian plums tend to be slightly teardrop- or oval-shaped and quite small, compared to other plums. The smaller plum in your photo doesn't look like a Italian plum to me, but 9t's a photo and hard to tell. Maybe these photo links can help you decide. Calll your local agricultural extension agent; I'm sure they can help you figure it out. It's nice if you do have plums growing on your property.

    1. I am quite sure the small round fruit is a Shiro Plum. We have a tree and they are wonderful. If you look at photos online, the fruit is more yellow in most of them, but our tree produces a green color just like yours.

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        Could be Shiro, and the OP should be able to harvest ripe ones now in her zone, zones 5-8, and the medium sized plums should be yellow:

        I hope the OP answers this thread at some point to let us know what she thinks.

      2. Just saw these posts, thanks for your reply. The smaller plum has now turned the most beautiful rich purple color. Unfortunately the taste despite being very ripe is still quite sour. Now the other tree has produced little plums that have stayed green but are so sweet and delicious. We have been eating them straight from the tree (except hubby who somehow is still convinced it is poisonous!) I'd like to find time this week to make jam from them as there are too many to eat. I am unsure what to do with the purple ones though, there are so many and they are all falling right now from the tree. I might make a small batch of plums from both trees and see if that works.

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          I agree with your Husband, DO NOT EAT.....SEND THEM ALL TO ME, NOW!!!!!!!

          Actually You have a delicious fruit as several posters have described above, one of the best of the stone fruits. Your zone and location is a common growing area for the said fruit.

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            Yeah husband can be quirky on food stuff, NEVER ask him to smell chicken or we are ordering pizza LOL I'm pretty positive the green one is a greengage. Any ideas on why the purple ones are so sour? Is that breed specific or just the tree?

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              There is a bush called the Allegeny plum it grows quite tall but it is not a true tree. I do not know if the mentioned plum grows in your area. Also, it could be a variation of the Italian prune plum which can be sour, as well as the Sloe Plum, used to flavor Sloe Gin.

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                Actually, the sloe plum used to make Sloe Gin is oddly referred to as a sloe berry, from the blackthorn shrub, a species of Prunus. Looks like a plum, walks like a plum, and is very astringent. The word sloe is the High German/Slavic word slēwa or śliwa, which means plum.

                Sloe "berry" Photo:


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              what to do with the sour plums? isn't there an asian sour plum condiment?

              1. re: alkapal

                make ume or chinese sour plum tea