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Jun 28, 2010 08:24 PM

Bento Supplies in Los Angeles?

I need to replenish my bento supplies (I make lunches for my kids and sometimes myself). IU need new boxes, food picks and dividers. What's the best place to get them with a reasonable selection and good prices? Most of my stuff is from Daiso (the Singapore branch) and I've gotten a couple new bento boxes from a small korean shop out here but I'd love to find a good Japanese store where I can find a decent selection. I'm in the SFV, but am willing to drive up to 35-40 minutes.


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  1. The wares department in the Marukai Market in Gardena is huge and they carry a lot of various bento box supplies and pieces. They also have a wide variety of attractive children's lunch items.

    Marukai Market
    1740 W. Artesia Blvd. in Gardena

    1. Have you tried the Korean markets - the one on Balboa and Sherman Way or the one on Devonshire and Reseda. Even tho bento is Japanese, other Asian cultures have the same style of "lunch boxing"

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        The couple bento supplies I've gotten are from the small korean housewares shop nex t to Galleria in Northridge. But they only have a couple styles of boxes, and don't carry and fun picks and dividers and egg molds and whatnot. That's the kind of fun stuff I need to replenish. Someone else had suggested Marukai in Gardena as well. Has anyone checked out the Marukai 98 cent sotre in Gardena? Do they carry bento supplies also?

      2. Marakuai in Gardena is an awesome store. It is like a costco of asian products including food, housewares to furniture and clothes. I live in L.A. and drive out there. Just be aware that this is a membership store. I think it's like ten dollars a year, or they may have a one day pass. Just love to walk and browse and find something new. Don't forget that Gardena has a large Japanese population, so they will have a lot of stuff

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          For picks, dividers, boxes, cutters, egg molds and that anti-bacterial paper I go to what I call the $1.49 cent store. Sorry I don't have the real name (Japanese Gift?). It is across the walk from the Hello Kitty store in Japanese Village Plaza. The Mitsuwa market has great Pokemon, Hello Kitty and brightly colored rice seasoning. Sometimes there are bento items upstairs in the housewares section. Marukai Market in Weller Court always has boxes, once I scored the "monkey with banana" dip containers and they usually have soy sauce strawberries.

          Marukai Market
          1740 W Artesia Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247

        2. I love bento and have about 15 bento boxes. Even though you can find a very limited supply of bento accessories in Little Tokyo, you are better off on eBay.

          Some sellers there have a dazzling array of offerings.

          Little Tokyo Restaurant
          150 E Bonita Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773

          1. Marukai 98 Cents Plus Store
            No food, only bowls, cups, plates, bento boxes, etc..