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Jun 28, 2010 06:52 PM

Poutine Lovers Unite !!(manchester,nh)

To all you poutine lovers out there, I have just had the best poutine I have ever had this side of the border. It's a place called Bellagio Pizza on the corner of Beech and Valley. The place is nothing fancy, but the taste was spot on. Fresh cut fries, curd cheese and the sauce(gravy) is authentic. The owner says he gets his gravy straight from Montreal. Definately blows Chez Vachon away.

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  1. Is this a new place? I have never heard of it. While I am not frequently in that area of town, I might make a trip to try them out.

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      Yes, it's only been open a few weeks. Also tried their steak and cheese, but it was not up to snuff. Poutine is definately worth though.

      1. re: trufflehound

        No, the cheese did not squeak, but it doesn't have to in a poutine. I don't think you can get curd cheese that squeaks in the States. It has to be super fresh and not have been refrigerated for it to squeak.

      2. I was not impressed by Chez Vachon's. Nasty hunks of rubbery white cheese, canned (?) gravy, and flaccid fries.

          1. I had the poutine at the Nashua location of Bellagio Pizza (right off rte 3 near the Christmas Tree Shop) and was very impressed. Solid fries that held up well to the gravy, cheese curds that despite their cubed shape were very tasty and actually had a little squeak to them, and gravy that tasted much better than Chez Vachon's. My girlfriend got the Italian poutine, which was much less impressive. As others have noted here, the Bellagio sauce is much too sweet, and on the Poutine it was too thick and pasty to coat the fries well (it also wasn't meat sauce -- it was their pizza sauce with cut-up meatballs in it).

            They also have a Poutine Pizza on their menu, but I wasn't brave enough to try it.