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Jun 28, 2010 06:50 PM

ideas of dishes/desserts that are make-ahead AND travel well

Heading to a bbq, but traveling in the car a few hours. I would like to make something, not sure what will survive the ride. Recipe help please! (yes, car is A/C, but not if we stop along the way)

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  1. i see that you're in Philly. considering the brutal heat & humidity by you these days, and the fact that it may be sitting outside for a while once you get to the BBQ, for dessert i'd stick with a baked good that doesn't pose any serious concerns re: spoilage or melting.

    blondies? brownies? biscotti? assortment of cookies?

    1. I would worry about taking any food in that heat and would buy a few pounds of cherries and forget the baking.

      1. Make a Pavlova. The meringue will do just fine in the car. Put the fruit and cream in a cooler. (Under these conditions, I would feel free to use canned, sweetened, real whipped cream.)

        1. How about a lemony couscous salad. With garbanzo beans, scallions and an assortment of vegies (some fresh corn, snap peas, celery or whatever appeals). Black olives could be included.

          The dressing is lemon juice, lemon zest and some olive oil.

          Easy to make. Served at room temp. Wouldn't need to be refrigerated for that distance.