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Jun 28, 2010 06:25 PM

Best Rillette in Paris

Been in Paris for awhile now, but wondering if anyone knows a place that makes great rillete in Paris. Traiteurs, Charcuteries, Boucheries, etc.

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  1. I don't know if it is the best, since I have not tasted all the rillettes in Paris, but I like the rillettes d'oie in Boucherie Debeaux on 18 Rue Lepic and Papilles Gourmandes on 26 rue des Martyrs.

    1. Souphie lead me to this one. At the Blvd' August Blanqui marche down near the Corvisart metro stop is a charcuterie that has goose rillette that are my favorite. His ham cut off the bone is great as well.

      1. I can second Les Papilles Gourmandes on Rue Martyrs. Their terrine de compagne is to my taste as well. They also sell beurre Bordier if that interests you.

        1. I second everything so far. While you're rue des Martyrs, the raw butter from Bellevaire is an interesting alternative to Bordier (I like Bordier less and less and am mostly bummed that he does not do raw butter you can find anymore). Always in Martyr, there's Delmontel for bread and Seurre for traditional pastry, among other wonders.

          Next to the charcutier on Blanqui (Nougaro), there's also one of my favorite bakeries -- Bosson, at the corner of rue Barrault. That market has a few treasures. Going down from Place d'Italie: the girls who roast meet (ask DCM about their blue cheese sausage...), the berries from Picardie, the local farmer with only awesome seasonal stuff (tomatoes this week were wow wow wow), the poultry guy that has some very nice Géline de Touraine, the crazy poultry guy that does interesting boned ones...