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Jun 28, 2010 04:28 PM

Loving Saigon on Main in Lansdale

We've been going a few times a month and I am really loving this place. If you haven't tried it yet, go and check it out. We like it much better than the Vietnamese/Thai place on 202 in Blue Bell. It's a very casual spot. Service is quick and the food is tasty. Their grilled pork is especially good, try it with the broken rice or rice noodles. The pho is always good, sometimes great! They also do a nice salt and pepper squid.

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  1. We also go there often. I wish their vegetarian options were more substantial, but the Blue Bell Vietnamese/Thai restaurant has no vegetarian options--they actually told me they could not make Bun without the shrimp!

    1. we go about once week and never get tired of the food
      the owner is Eric and he's incredibly nice, they're very accomodating and the service is (usually) very good

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        Way better than Pho Thai Nam in Blue Bell but a step below Vietnam Cafe in Telford in my opinion. There is no atmosphere whatsoever at Vietnam Cafe as there is (somewhat) at Saigon but the food is better at the former....

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          I'm not an authority on Thai food but I can recommend Saigon on Main. The food was excellent and very tasty. The service is unbeatable; friendly, courteous and respectful. We started with a shrimp appetizer that was served with a delightful dipping sauce. A huge bowl of Pho for myself was served with sides to complete the meal. Noodles and shrimp was a delicious meal for my bride. The place is clean but, even on a Saturday evening, few other diners were being served.

          Cannot beat the friendly, excellent service!

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            I hope you meant Vietnamese food, not Thai food....

      2. Got takeout from Saigon a couple of weeks ago (was trying to go to The Oasis across the street, but it was closed on Sunday). It is an attractive looking, modern restaurant (definitely not a "hole in the wall" like most of my favorite Vietnamese places), and they are super friendly. Had:

        Bo Nuong La (grilled beef in grape leaves) -- Never had such a dish before, but it was like Vietnamese-inspired, strongly seasoned dolmades and delicious.

        Bun Cha Gio (spring rolls vermicelli) -- I know it's usually a mistake to get takeout noodles, but I couldn't help myself. The rolls were excellent, crisp and not greasy, and the noodles were pretty good despite the wait.

        Ga Chanh (lime chicken) -- Another dish I've never seen; not sure it is authentic (seemed more like Americanized Chinese), but it was pretty tasty.

        Nice addition to Main Street. How long have they been open?

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