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Jun 28, 2010 04:20 PM

Vegetarian - Hwy 7 & Leslie?

I'm meeting a (vegetarian) friend that's visiting from out of town for dinner tomorrow night. I'm so far removed from that type of dining I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking for.

Can anyone recommend a resto in the Hwy 7/Leslie area that will satisfy one vegetarian and one meatarian?


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  1. First, if you have a friend visiting from out of town, take him/her to the City. Second, I have no recommendations for veggie restaurants in that neighbourhood but an Indian restaurant would have fare to satisfy your vegan freind and you. HOWEVER - if you want great vegetarian food and are willing to come into the city, hands down Fresh is awesome. I eeven got my husband, a steak and potatoes man, to eat there - even the tofu! Fresh is on Queen West next to Trinity Bellwoods Park.

    1. If you are adventurous, there is a new and excellent 'CHINESE vegetarian restaurant' inside the strip plaza on the west side of Leslie just north of 16th avenue directly across from Richlane Mall.

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        I love Joe Yee Vegetarian restaurant. Their vegetarian (not vegan) sushi is quite impressive. So is their appetizer platter with bbq and roast "pork".

      2. thanks for the suggestions.

        My friend is originally lived in downtown Toronto so taking her downtown is not a biggie for her and I think she would prefer to avoid going to the centre of the city.

        Indian sounds promising. Isn't there an Indian restaurant on Woodbine? I'll have to look it. Is anyone familiar with it? Any comments?

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          I am not sure if you are refering to the place on Denison @ Woodbine (Chauhan's) but I found the food there good. The decor is a little dark, could use a little more lighting. I like the bread, and a the "curries" , butter chicken, bindhi masala, mutter paneer. If you want veg though you may want to consider the place on HWY 7 @ East Beaver Creek I am sorry I don't remember the name, but it is the little mall there that is attached to the hotel, upstairs. They serve mostly dosa, but there is no meat on the menu and everythign I have eaten there was delish.

          1. re: sweetie

            Second Chauhan's!!
            IMO, food better tasting than Bombay Bheel, Jaipur or the Host in the area.

        2. If you are going Indian, The Host on the north side of Hwy 7 just east of Leslie is delicious. There will be ample vegetarian options.

          1. You're probably at dinner already but for the future, another option might be Gourmet Vegetarian on West Beaver Creek (same plaza as the Ambassador):

            Service is sporadic, to put it kindly, but I quite enjoy the food. The mixed gluten plate is only okay but the other dishes are generally tasty. Some of my favourites are:
            -bean curd and seafood with corn sauce
            -Hakka style fish (on the menu on the table
            )-honey veg chicken with kidney

            Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant
            280 West Beaver Creek, Thornhill, ON L4B3Z1, CA