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Jun 28, 2010 04:16 PM

Organic Chicken Rice expands...

Good news for those in the "Milpitas area"... I got an email from the Organic Chicken Rice folks that they are expanding their business after a 3 week vacation:

"Starting the week of July 19th, we also have secured an extra day at the shared kitchen to provide dinner service on Tuesdays for the Milpitas area - this will be on top of our current Thursday dinner service. Wednesdays will be for catering Organic Chicken Rice lunch boxes mainly for offices and a university."

BTW, we got the fried turnip cake, Chai Tow Kwai (see the last thread on OCR). It was fantastic and a very large portion. Every bit as good as it was at Kopitiam.

Organic Chicken Rice
, Dublin, CA 94568

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  1. I enjoyed the chicken and the convenience but chef Boon has left the building and returned to Singapore. Site says temporarily out of business.