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Jun 28, 2010 04:03 PM

Anyone been to Mondo?

I went this past weekend, and while the service was abysmal (perfectly friendly--they were just seriously understaffed; we waited forever for the food, and the apps we ordered never came at all), we all loved our food. I had the mushroom-fontina-pancetta pizza, and it was absolutely delicious. As was the Italian sausage version I tasted. My friend's burger was also very good, topped with a nice blue cheese. Folks at the next table reported that their meatballs (Thai-style, I think) and pork sliders were "excellent."

The extremely slow bar service kept our alcohol consumption (and thus our overall bill) down, but I thought $7 for a (premium gin) martini fair. I do wish they offered more wines by the glass--only 3 or 4 per night. To our taste, neither of the two tried at our table was worth the $10 price tag.

Service issues aside (too early to judge imo), Mondo, w/its eclectic, reasonably priced menu, seems promising--esp. in the restaurant-deprived Lakeview. I'm wondering if others have been, what you ate, and what you thought?

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  1. I was just reading about Modo's opening up on Times Picayune. I hope someone else goes soon and reports. Good luck.

    Here's a link to the NOLA article.

    1. From a local blog I came across, review of soft opening with pictures:

      1. We tried it out last night and I'm happy to report that we didn't have any of the service issues that nomad had. The place was packed and we were told it would be a 40 min wait for a table, but we managed to find a spot at the bar within 5 mins and opted to eat at the bar since we usually prefer that anyway. We had a very friendly and attentive bar tender, Travis, who managed to stay on top of things despite the crowds. On to the food.....

        We had the mushroom, fontina, leek, pancetta pizza which was very good. The crust was fantastic. We also sampled a few of the snacks/apps. The Thai-style shrimp and pork meatballs with a lemongrass skewer and sweet chili dipping sauce were the standout dish. I could have easily ordered another round of these. We also tried the ceviche with guacamole and home made tortilla chips and the fried eggplant with lemon aioli. The ceviche was very good - a tad too acidic for me - but very fresh. The eggplant had a good, hard fry and the lemon aioli was a good pairing. This wasn't my favorite dish, but you can't expect too much from fried eggplant.

        Agree with Nomad that the wine offerings (by the glass) weren't great. Had they been a little cheaper, I wouldn't have cared, but for $10 a glass, I would prefer to have something with a little more substance. The vodka sodas that my boyfriend had were strong and reasonably priced, however.

        Overall, I would say Spicer got it right. This is a great, casual neighborhood spot with very good food. We will definitely go back - I'm dying to try more pizza, the burger and the blueberry muffin bread pudding on the brunch menu!

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        1. re: latasche

          So they do brunch? Good to know. Thanks, Latasche, and glad to hear the service was better. I also can't wait to try it again. (We tried last Tuesday, I think, but they told us it would be a 1 hour 45 min. wait, and the bar was packed, so we decided to wait until things settle down a bit.) I'm glad it's doing well.
          And, now, I'm definitely going to try the meatballs.

          1. re: nomadchowwoman

            Finally got in and...not real impressed. Place is a din, with people having to talk on borderline shouting to be heard. The prices charged compared to what is served left me scratching my head. I mean, $4 for 3 egg halves? I don't care how interesting the fillings are, for $4, you should get 6 egg halves. And jerked chicken thighs for $7, when it's the equivalent of one thigh cut into 5-6 small pieces...c'mon! Thighs! Only 3 wihtes and 3 reds available by the glass...I'll be back when the newness wears off, when the crowds die down and they hit their stride. But for an initial, early visit, a 5.

            1. re: sanglier

              I'm not sure what "egg halves" are, but $4 is not a price you see on much of anything any more. So I'm curious. Is this an appetizer?

              1. re: nomadchowwoman

                They are deviled eggs on the dinner menu, under snacks.


                Haven't been to Mondo yet, but definitely will during our next visit to NO.

                1. re: philmaur

                  Again, in fairness, it's a brand new restaurant that will only get better. I think I'm more sensitive of late to those places that give good value, which isn't the same as being cheap. I don't mind shelling out for foie gras, lobster, etc., but give me some ounces in return! For $7/$8 at Luke, say, you get a whole mason jar of beautiful pork rilletes. Major value there...

                  1. re: sanglier

                    I don't totally disagree that $4 seems like a lot for 11/2 eggs basically, but I'm curious who actually orders deviled eggs at a restaurant? or who puts them on the menu in the first place. I thought it was a strange item.

                    1. re: latasche

                      I guess I didn't notice them when I was at the restaurant (but they seem to be faddish right now as they're popping up on menus all over the country, no doubt a nod to trying economic times and the attendant cravings for comfort food).
                      Were they really good? Because a really good deviled egg is comfort and joy, in my book. (But I probably wouldn't order them at a restaurant either.)

                      1. re: latasche

                        The was some rooftop bar in NYC that had them on the menu when I went there a couple of years ago. We were there with the catering director so didn't pay for them, but I recall they were a lot more than $4, but they also had edible gold flakes on them. I'm guessing more in the $12 range and I can't remember how many came with the order.
                        They are certainly the fad right now, thanks Mad Men. I enjoy them and my wife makes them pretty often, but I must admit I do not recall ever having them growing up back in New Orleans.

                        1. re: roro1831

                          Don't get me wrong, I love a good deviled egg. I didn't realize they were in culinary style at the moment, but I still think its a bizarre item for a restaurant menu (or at least a higher-end restaurant - I might expect them at a soul food type place). I didn't try them at Mondo, so who knows, they may in fact be delicious.

                          @Roro - edible gold flaked deviled eggs?! that's completely ridiculous in my book, but were they good?!

                          1. re: latasche

                            Yes, and my wife reminded me that they also had caviar.

                            This same place also had foie gras pb&j sandwiches, one of the greatest things I have eaten.

                            1. re: roro1831

                              the caviar might have sold me - i'll eat pretty much anything with caviar in or on it. foie and pb&j sounds excellent. there used to be a great foie gras and jelly (can't remember what kind) dish at cuvee that i loved, but peanut butter? that sounds downright fantastic!