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Jun 28, 2010 03:53 PM

pig out place for dinner

Hello Philly!

gonna be down for 1 night in phily on a food road trip, wondering what would be a good choice for pig out resturant, such as a sit down philly cheese steak resturant?

our lunch will be reading terminal market roast pork sandwichs, so would like a good/fatty resturant suggestion for dinner

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  1. there are a couple places at which i know in advance i'll order and eat so much it's worth it to wear my loosest-fitting pants. villa di roma probably tops that list for me, and it's quintessential (though not mind-blowing) south philly italian. (i'm not sure if mind-blowing italian-american even exists!) a big part of that is probably the tasty and huge bread basket they bring to the table. the baked rigatoni is far too much for one person to devour, yet i will always try - with a side of sauteed spinach to boot. IMHO those are two of the best things on their menu. add a bottle of chianti and you're all set. if you're in the mood for pizza, marra's would fit the bill. both are throwbacks to the 1970's (or perhaps earlier?) and i sorta love the dining rooms. you can wear whatever you want, nothing fancy going on there. villa is on 9th, marra's is on passyunk, both in south philly.

    on the asian front, i always over-order and pig out at aqua, a thai-malaysian BYO at 7th and chestnut. recently dined there with a friend, and we ordered i believe no less than 3 appetizers, 1 soup and 1 entree. did i mention there were only two of us? and we finished it all? some of their malaysian-inspired apps are really heavy, too. i'll also do the same at vietnam and vietnam palace in chinatown - order far too many appetizers, yet still insist on finishing my entree.

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      There aren't really any sit down cheesesteak places. In fact, if you see a cheesesteak on a sit-down restaurant menu, it is almost definitely going to be bad (hounds--would love to hear exceptions to this). The roast pork you are getting a lunch will satisfy you on this front, anyway--it's better than 90% of the cheesesteaks you'll find.

      My favorite place to pig out is Famous Fourth St, a Jewish Deli in the Carnegie Deli style. The matzo balls are the size of softballs, the sandwiches are 8 inches tall, and the corned beef hash is like a small mountain. And the food is all homemade and great, and definitely on the fatty and salty side. The corned beef hash is my favorite for breakfast, but the best pig out item in the menu to me is the "West 38th St." a specialty "sandwich" on the back of the menu. It's two whole knishes, one piled high with corned beef, the other with pastrami. It's greasy, salty, warm, and incredibly delicious.

      The Asian idea is good, too. I always go to town at Nam Phuong Vietnamese restaurant, where you can feast on the cheap. Get the big vermicelli app, summer rolls, papaya salad for apps. Add on a bowl of wanton soup, with has homemade dumplings and is made to share. After that, maybe a side of chinese broccoli, a meat dish, the black bean clams if you're in the mood, throw in a whole deep fried fish (amazing) and you'll feel like the shogun of Saigon, or something. They have a bar here too, and it's cheap.

      Another idea is Percy Street BBQ. You can order meats by the pound and the sides are huge. Price is not too bad if you work within their combination deals. Brisket is excellent, the rest is fair to good.

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        I forgot two critical things: the chocolate cookies at Famous (they'll comp you a couple small ones with your bill, which even for big eaters is probably fine) and the grilled pork chop at NP.

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          thanks for the recommendations, when i have more time ill look deeper into them...

          we are coming from toronto, so non asian food is more of what we are looking for, as toronto is loaded with asian resturants.

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            I'm planning to go to Philly for the weekend as well with my husband. Is there anything that's uniquely philly? Something that you can't get elsewhere?

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              In terms of junk food, Philly has some great sandwiches--cheesesteaks, hoagies, and roast pork are some of my favorite junk foods. Other Italian-style sandwiches here are off the hook, too.

              DiNic's Roast Pork in Reading Terminal Market is a great place to start. The other items are more contentious, where are you going to be and what days/times are you trying to eat?

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                I'm with barryg on Famous 4th st, whenever I have friends from Europe visit I take them to Famous 4th st, they've never seen such big portions! I was actually there on Saturday and I'm still eating left overs.

                Plus it's not just quantity, the quality is great too, prices are reasonable and the staff are very friendly. Also you have to get a slice (more like a slab) of cake for the dessert, it weighs more than your head.