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Jun 28, 2010 03:49 PM

Casual seafood place in DC

Hello Washington!

gonna be down for 1 night in washington on a food road trip, wondering what would be a good choice for a casual seafood place for dinner?

looking for a relaxed place, maybe no table cloths kinda place... are there any places that stand out?


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  1. You might like Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle.

    1. Tackle Box in Georgetown fits the bill, but just because it is casual does not mean it is cheap.

      1. Old Ebbitt Grill. Quintessential D.C. dining.Oyster bar the BEST in town.
        Go to the corner bar and ask for Joe- foods great also.

        Old Ebbitt Grill
        675 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

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        1. re: Chingale

          Would any recommend Oceanaire for casual seafood? I heard their crabcake is pretty good.

          1. re: mehesoft

            Oceanaire is not casual and it is overly expensive as well.

        2. For me, casual seafood screams "Tacklebox."

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          1. re: woodleyparkhound

            through a quick browse through chowhound i noticed hank's, tacklebox and liberty tree (my friend said liberty tree is a bit too stuffy looking, but maybe people who have been there can tell me their perspective of it?) for seafood...

            tacklebox seemed to be a good option, but ive read some mixed reviews of it, is it generally a well regarded restuarnt on chowhound?

            casual for us doesnt exactly mean cheap, just that we can go in with jeans and tshirts and maybe eat with our hands...

            1. re: Pigurd

              I think Blacksalt has tablecloths, but you could go in jeans. They are the best seafood in DC in my book. But if you want more casual aka no tablecloths go to Hanks, I think both have dishes you can eat with your fingers if I remember correctly.

              1. re: Pigurd

                I agree with ktmoomau that Blacksalt is the best seafood restaurant in DC, but I would never describe it as casual. You also need a car to get there (or a l-o-n-g bus ride from downtown).

                When asked to describe Tacklebox, "casual" is the first adjective that comes to mind. You order at the counter, then sit down at picnic tables and wait for your number to be called. I think it's a good, inexpensive option for Georgetown, but I don't think of it as a destination restaurant. I like their fish tacos and their one-fish-two-sides option, but I had a clam roll in there recently which was tiny, mediocre and expensive, and was served with a massive amount of limp, cold, inedible fries.

                I haven't been to Hank's yet, but it's on my list. I've heard good things...

                1. re: Pigurd

                  Go to Oohhs and Aahhs for the grilled shrimp and the broiled crabcake. It is a coastal carolina soul food place. Totally hole-in-the-wall with a place to eat your food upstairs.

                  Tacklebox is ok, not too exciting. Gently priced for quality, fresh seafood with decent preparation.