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Jun 28, 2010 03:33 PM

Where to Get Farm Fresh Eggs in Austin Any Day of the Week

Where can you buy farm fresh eggs in Austin? What times should you go? Are any of these places open every day of the week for egg business (or multiple days)? I'd love to hear what options are available.

Also, a side note - does anyone have a preference on eggs from one farm over another?

I know you can get eggs from several vendors at the downtown farmers market on Saturdays (9am-1pm). Also Boggy Creek Farm sells local Vital Farm's USDA Certified Organic/Pastured Hens' eggs on Wednesdays and Saturdays (9am-1pm).

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  1. Wheatsville carries Alexander Farm eggs consistently, and Whole Foods carries Jeremiah Cunningham's certified organic eggs @ around $6/dozen.

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      The Alexander Farm eggs are our favorite, and along with Wheatsville, you can find them at Fresh Plus (or at the fram in Del Valle, I believe).

      Wheatsville also offers a couple of other options (Vital Farms, and another local producer that I forgot.) Honestly, pastured eggs are so much better, you can't really lose.

      If you're interested, there's an annual tour of Austin's urban/backyard chicken coops. The next one is coming up in April. Check out for more.

    2. The downtown Whole Foods also carries Vital Farms eggs.

      1. Doublediamond has fresh farm eggs, they are delicious with a deep yellow color. All the chickens are free roaming and happy. Happy chickens make happy eggs! call 273-2331/970-1595

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          Bumping this thread...will be in Austin next week on Thurs. I am looking to go to a farm or farmers market for fresh eggs even better to visit a farm that will let me pick my own. Thanks!

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            From now until July, Boggy Creek Farm is open Wed-Sat from 8 to 1PM. They carry Coyote Creek's "World's Best Eggs." I believe Whole Foods also carries these under the Jeremiah Cunningham label. However they are labeled, they are delicious and well worth seeking out.

            Good luck!

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              I'm going today to try those eggs, thanks for the rec !!!