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Jun 28, 2010 02:50 PM

Raku Prix Fixe

Just made a reservation for 6 people for Raku and they suggested we do a Prix Fixe menu (@ $35 pp) versus Ala Carte because it would be faster. 2 of the people in the party don't eat meat but eat fish and they said they could accommodate. Has anyone experienced the Prix Fixe there? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Same question here. @ Obsessed, do you have a report? I just made a reservation for a group of eight and they encouraged the set menu. I'm wondering how it compares in selection and value to the a la carte! Thanks for the help.

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      It was awesome! I've never had the a la carte so I can't compare...but it was a ton of food and variety. We bumped it up to $45 per person and it seemed worth it. It was 2 months ago and I don't remember everything we had (it didn't help we had a few bottles of sake to go along)...things I remember: sashimi salad - tons of fresh sashimi, soft tofu, mini fried crabs - these were incredible, they even brought a live one out to show how fresh they were. There were a bunch of grilled items on skewers - chicken, kobe beef, asparagus. Ohh...and this amazing salmon egg fried rice. There were a few things for dessert - some cheesecake type thing and different sorbets. I would definitely recommend it!

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        Thanks for the reply! It sounds like you had more (or at least different) with the $45 option. Below is my report based on the $35 pp prix fixe "omakase" option with a group of eight.

        Menu (includes my estimate of the per person "value" of what we received based on the standard menu. I've estimated for the specials):
        - Sashimi salad ($4.50)
        - Tofu salad with seaweed and tomato ($3.50)
        - SPECIAL: Raw oyster - very large, Pacific or Japanese? ($5)
        - Enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon - robata ($2.50)
        - SPECIAL: Whole barracuda ($5)
        - Asparagus crispy tempura ($1)
        - Chicken thigh - robata ($2.50)
        - Fried homemade tofu in hot broth ($2.25)
        - Kobe beef outside skirt with garlic - robata ($6.00)
        - SPECIAL: Fried rice with salmon and salmon roe ($5)
        - Kurobuta pork cheek - robata ($2.50)
        - Strawberry sorbet and tea ($3.50)

        Quality: Very good. I particularly enjoyed the specials. The barracuda was voted favorite dish of the night. The salads and tofus were also very good. I was less a fan of the robata dishes; they just didn't stand out.

        Value of prix fixe against regular menu: Very good. My estimate places it somewhere in the $40 - $45 range, with our price being $35.

        Overall value for money: GREAT. We had a twelve course tasting menu for $35! The food was very good and we left very full. I will definitely be back!

        Aburiya Raku
        5030 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146