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Jun 28, 2010 02:28 PM

on the way to baxter this wknd!

greetings folks, i am curious as to what may be good in millinocket or its environs. we will be arriving some time friday evening, so not sure if we'll be eating at the campground, but if we don't, i want to be prepared! cuisine is not so much an issue, but somewhere w/ a good wine and beer selection is a huge + (we are big beer drinkers!). also, we'll be coming up 95 and would LOVE to get some lobster before heading inland; what place would you recommend that's not terribly far from the highway? i was thinking the place in freeport, harraseeket, cuz ive seen it pop up a lot here. oh, and lastly, where's the good ice cream spots, cuz we can't forget those! many thanks, ciao

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