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Jun 28, 2010 02:26 PM

Wine Shops in Myrtle Beach

Visiting Myrtle Beach and meeting up with friends who are able to drive there - we'll be flying. Guessing they'll raid their wine cellar to bring a nice bottle or two and we'd like to reciprocate without filling the suitcase and doing security, etc. for air-travel.

Any suggestions on wine shops in MB? Not looking for 20 year old Bordeaux, but perhaps something beyond the local grocery / liquor store selection.

Any other suggestions while we are there? 4 adults , 3 kids... - the following sounded good from other threads:
Salt Creek
Michael's Pizza
Marina Raw Bar
Gordon Biersch

Thanks to all - will report back post trip

Salt Creek Cafe'
4660 Highway 17, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

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  1. The Wine Shoppe @ 3809 Highway 17, North Myrtle Beach, SC‎ 843 - 272 - 6941‎ carries a nice line of CA/French wines at decent prices. They have the Caymus which is my favorite. I don't know where you are staying but it's a good ways N of the AP and I don't know if it's out of your way or not but not too far away.

    If you plan on visiting Pawley's Island there's a very nice store/market on # 17 between Murrell's Inlet and Pawley's that sells wine along with all kinds of gourmet groceries. You might call ahead and see if they have what you want and then drive down early to get your wine then have lunch at Pawley's. It's located where you turn to Litchfield Inn. High Hammock is a great fine dining restaurant at Pawley's owned by folks who own restaurants in Charleston also. High Hammock is just down the road from Perrone's a mile or so and open for lunch/dinner. It's got a great outside porch that's a perfect place to dine.

    Perrone's Fine Food and Wine Market @ 13291 Ocean Hwy., Pawleys Island, SC 843 - 235 - 9193.

    High Hammock @ 10880 Ocean Hwy., Pawleys Island, SC 843 - 979 - 0300.


    Most good restaurants seem to be in Murrell's Inlet. Salt Creek is excellent for casual lunch/dinner. Captain Daves Dockside is really nice and close to the water for lunch/dinner. Lee's Inlet Kitchen serves outstanding low country cuisine. Prosser's BBQ is excellent. Russell's Seafood Gril and Raw Bar has great seafood/steaks in a casual atmosphere. Spud's Waterfront Dining is nice serving seafood/steaks right on the water.

    If you don't mind driving S 15/20 miles to Georgetown and Pawley's Island there are some great places there. The River Room in Georgetown and Pawley's Island Tavern which is a nice casual place with good low country food and music are both nice. Good luck.

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    1. Kudzu, which is directly behind the Piggly Wiggly on Hwy 17 across from the entrance to Litchfied by the Sea, has some nice wines. Also gourmet take home foods.

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