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Jun 28, 2010 02:17 PM

Lunch spot in Toledo / Red Well's?

Looking for a good lunch spot in Toledo. Never been to Toledo before, or Nothern Ohio for that matter so ideally would like something unique to the area, aside from Tony Packo's which we are planning to eat at.

I have read other posts on Toledo:

Unfortunately these haven't aided me much in making a decision.

I would be most interested in American fare. I had been considering Red Well's Famous Roast Beef but have found some less than flattering reviews. If anyone has any recent experiences at Red Well's I would lover to hear them. The Mancy restaurants seem to be have a "chain" look to them, even though I know they are not and will most likely avoid these unless there is something in particular that is served at one of them that is absolutely not to be missed.

If good quality unique American fare is not available I have noticed that some ethnic places get good reviews. This is particularly true of Beirut which I have found almost nothing negative. The only thing I am not interested in is Italian, other than that I am open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

Tony Packo's Cafe
7 S Superior St, Toledo, OH 43604

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  1. If, by American fare, you mean contemporary American bistro type food, I don't think you'll find it in Toledo. There used to be an excellent restaurant like that called Diva there, but it closed a couple of years ago.

    If you mean steaks and chops and seafood, go to Mancy's - either the original steakhouse on the north side, or the seafood restaurant on the south side in Maumee. Mancy's Bluewater Grill is my place of choice for lunch in Toledo.

    I haven't been to Red Well's, but a quick 'net search says that it's a sandwich shop. Sounds like Arby's...

    1. First it has been over 15 years since I have been to Red Wells. But it is not like Arbys at all. It is more like a cafeteria. No wait staff. They serve traditional roast beef sandwiches on plates smothered in gravy. That you have to eat with a knife and fork. I used to love to get the hash as well as a side for my sandwich. Of course they have mashed potatoes. I remember it being very good. I also remember they used to carve the roast beef right there for your sandwich. I checked a review or two and it looks like that is no longer done. I used to go there for lunch when I worked in the area. Funny thing Arbys would be another of our lunch choices but I never ate the roast beef there. I think I had a salad. There were also some good Lebaneese restaurants in the area but can't remember the names. There is chain in Toledo (I think it is just local to Toledo) called Cafe Maries. It is only open for breakfast and lunch. There are several locations around the city. It mainly serves breakfast dishes but it also serves sandwiches. I would not describe it as something that should not be missed but it is a decent breakfast place.

      For chinese I always enjoyed, Jing Chuan.

      If you are up for fast food. Rudy's hot dogs! Good coneys.

      If you like pizza, try Myles Pizza in Bowling Green.

      Again I have not eaten at any of these places in over 15 years.

      You'll have to post where you end up. Maybe I'll have a new place to try when I visit home.

      Don't know why you are in Toledo but the art museum and zoo are both worth visiting.


      Jing Chuan
      4424 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH 43623