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Jun 28, 2010 02:05 PM

Baltimore steak tartare

Just looking for a good place to get steak tartare in Baltimore. Please help.

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  1. I don't eat it myself but I have an uncle who swears by the tartare at Eddie's of Roland Park. He's been buying it there weekly for years.

    1. I thought B&O American Brasserie on Charles had a delicious steak tartare. I also had one at Pazo that i didn't like at all.

      1. Petit Louis will have it (or used to have it) sometimes as a special and our waitress told us they would have it ready for any customer who gave them a couple days notice.

        Petit Louis
        4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210

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        1. re: festivus

          Yes, Festivus is correct. Petit Louis has it occasionally as a special, and sometimes it is available if you "ask" for it. I did not know about Eddie's of Roland park- however, my guess is it is on their catering menu. I'll have to investigate that this weekend and re-post here. Stay tuned!

          Petit Louis
          4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210

        2. I believe it was offered as a special appetizer, but I had steak tartare at the Capital Grille about 2 year ago. They usually have beef carpaccio on their appetizer menu. So, that is why I believe it was only a special on that particular night.

          You may want to call the restaurant to see if they would prepare it as a special. Foi

          Capital Grille
          601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004

          1. If you are feeling a bit adventuresome, the Wine Market in downtown Baltimore has bison tartare. Sounds good to me. FoiGras

            Wine Market
            921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230