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Jun 28, 2010 01:54 PM

Solo dining advice in Las Vegas

Long time reader of these boards, first time poster. I've read so much good stuff here I thought I'd ask:

I'll be in LV for 3 days eating solo. Here is my plan

afternoon - arrive, staying at MGM hotel
dinner - ? (craftsteak?, ???) before one of the Cirque Du Soleil shows

Breakfast - Bouchon
Lunch - ??? (or, skip lunch?)
Dinner - Guy Savoy for tasting menu + wine, etc

Breakfast - Tableau @ Wynn
Lunch - ??? (or skip lunch?)
Dinner - Joel Robuchon @ The Mansion for tasting menu + wine, etc

Breakfast - Pastries to go from Bouchon to take home
Leave for airport

Any thoughts on my agenda? Where would be a good place to eat early dinner Wednesday night? I don't want to spend $$$$$$ for dinner that night, since I'll be spending so extravagantly the next two nights, but I don't want to eat hot dogs either.

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  1. Sounds pretty delicious to me, although of your list I've only been to craftsteak (which I loved). I don't know your appetite but personally, on that schedule, I'd be skipping lunch to save room for the dinners.

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    1. re: baderin

      Nice selections! I'm a big eater, but there is no way I could eat lunch before dinner at either of your choices.

    2. You may not get a lot of feedback from the forum because your choices are so top notch. But one thought for your early dining on Wednesday - Craftsteak is solid, but if you want to go a little lighter, SeaBlue has a nice Happy Hour at the bar, with oysters and cocktail shrimp for $1 apiece, along with some other options. It runs from 5:30 - 7:00.

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        Thanks for the replys. and the suggestions. I think I will be skipping lunch, maybe grabbing an extra pastry at breakfast to nibble on in the afternoon.

        The thing with seafood is that I live right by the coast, in a town with a lot of fishermen. So I can get oysters extremely fresh, salmon sold right from the guys who caught it earlier, etc. This makes me less interested in trying the seafood places. I thought about sushi or RM seafood, too, but decided against it because excellent seafood is so common at home. That said, I could see going to Seablue and ordering 2-4 of their tasting of 3 apps and eating those. Those apps are very nice looking and seem like things I could learn from it improve my own cooking. I love really well done examples of foods I can cook (BLT lettuce cups with heirloom tomatos or crab stuffed peppers with basil aioli are alot like courses I would serve at a dinner party). Thanks for pointing that restaurant out to me.

        One of the reasons I wanted to try Craftsteak is that I just ordered Colicchio's book think like a chef. So I thought to eat at this place would be good background for reading his book. I think I'll try to book a rez at craftsteak and give it a try, and use seablue for a backup plan. I bet I'll be extremely happy either way.

        1. re: TheFoodEater

          If you're next to an ocean and access to the freshest of seafood, just stay away from seafood in Las Vegas. You can already do much better at home.

          Don't know what your schedule is like Saturday before your flight, but you may want to consider breakfast at Verandah at the Four Seasons. Quite worth it.

      2. That's some solid eating in a short time!!!

        That said - if it were me, I'd change Guy Savoy over to Alex. Guy Savoy was the most expensive meal of my life, and I wish that I had deployed that $$$ at Robuchon instead. I find that Alex delivers more value. Not that Savoy is bad by any means.... just my $0.02.

        1. I would agree with Shamu613 that if you have time before your flight on Saturday to have breakfast at the Verandah in the Four Seasons, that would be a nice way to end your trip. Unless you're getting pastries that need to be eaten the same day, you could pick up pastries from Bouchon on Friday to save time for breakfast on Saturday.

          3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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          1. re: kayoshi

            ohh that's a good idea. I'll want a great breakfast to go home on.

            happily ended up doing Joel Robuchon's more casual restaurant before my show. glad I did. it was a great meal.

          2. Just ate at guy savoy. it was not only the best meal of my life but one of the best experiences of my life. This rates right up there with the first time I had good sex or heard amazing music or the first time I took psychedelics. I feel like I'm a better human being for having eaten here. I couldn't find a single thing that was less than perfect. Other people more articulate than me have written about the food, but I just wanted to report back that this place was incredibly amazing. Looking forward to getting a chance to go back.