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Jun 28, 2010 01:26 PM

Anybody seen tinned sprats around the GTA?

My family loves "Sprats in smoked oil". Every once in a while they get stocked in the big chain grocery stores, but I haven't seen them around in a long time. Anybody seen some lately? They come in a short but wide round tin.

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  1. Try any Russian store, for example Yummy Market on Dufferin south of Finch.

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    1. re: Julia_K

      A month or so ago it was on sale (something ridiculous like 70 cents a can or something like that) so I ended up buying a few dozen can. It makes a quick tapa in a jiffy

    2. I used to buy them for my cats on Roncesvalles. Try any of the Polish deli's or grocers.

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      1. re: jnine

        Aren't they also the same as brisling sardines? LOL ... I give them to my cats too.

        1. re: mrsleny

          Hey, I didn't know that. Can anybody confirm that brisling sardines and sprats are the same thing?

          1. re: mrsleny

            Cats are just as happy with the cheapest Brunswick's.
            The only difference I see between Norwegian brislings and sprats is the much higher level of smoking in the Riga product. Plus the nicely hand layered circular formation n the round can.

        2. Metro and Highland Farms carry them in my area.

          Highland Farms
          850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

          1. If you're in the east end, try Victoria European Deli. (416) 423-7713 - 1013 Pape Ave,

            Victoria European Deli
            1013 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K3V8, CA

            1. Well that gives us a nice spread around the city. Thanks for the help everybody!