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Jun 28, 2010 01:07 PM

Burger in a Restaurant Setting

Hey folks,

I'm looking for a good burger in a restaurant (i.e. non bar) setting for dinner. So this rules out my usual haunts (Pub and kitchen, Village Whiskey, Memphis Taproom, PYT etc)

I hear the rouge burger is over rated and I've already done the burger at Butcher and Singer countless times. Capital Grille only serves the burger at lunch...

Any ideas in center city? I'm looking for something big, juicy, good bun, the usual. Any ideas anyone? Thanks!

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  1. The Matyson burger is very good, but they may only serve it at lunch. I'm not really a burger guy, but the execution on this one impressed me.

    Le Bec Fin serves one, but again that may only be at lunch. I haven't had it but I don't see how it could be bad.

    You can get some ideas here, maybe:

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      Figs isn't exactly Center City, at 2401 Meridith, in the ARt Museum area, but I was mighty pleased with the burger with roquefort and carmelized onions they had on the lunch menu for $7. Not huge, but quite satisfying. There were great choices on that lunch menu, but I picked the burger for exactly the reason you state: a burger in a regular restaurant. I hoped it would be good, and it was. Can't give you the pedigree on the bun, but it was up to the task.

    2. Ah apologies I should've made it clearer that I need it for dinner! Thanks for the suggestions though, I keep meaning to check out the Matyson burger for lunch.

      -- how's parc?

      Heck, at this point I'd settle for a bar which has a separate eating area from the actual bar area. Maybe Standard Tap? Royal Tavern? Thanks!

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        I know Union Trust has burgers on the lunch menu, but not sure if they will serve them for dinner.

        South Philly Tap Room has numerous tables away from the bar (some in a separate room entirely) but I have never had their burger.

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          SPTR's burger is fantastic! It's definitely a bar setting though.

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            Granted, it's not like you are in an actual restaurant, but if you are sitting in the side room at SPTR, you really can't even see the bar.

        2. re: AgentRed

          What about upstairs at Good Dog. Less of the crush of downstairs. Still very relaxed atmosphere, and their great stuffed burger.

        3. Loved the parc burger with raclette. Really good fries, and the bacala spread was also delicious.

          1. not center city, but I liked the burger at mid-atlantic in west philly. and, it's much more restaurant than bar, I think.

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              this may warrant a backlash, but i'm interested to hear any comments on the place....... has anyone (i haven't) tried Bobby Flay's Burger Palace in university city? Menu is online and prices don't appear horrible; suprisingly.

            2. Did not find Rouge overrated, found it better, both the burger and setting, than Village Whiskey or Butcher and Singer all done in one week, sort of a hamburger competition.
              My Gf found Butcher the best of the three.