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Jun 28, 2010 12:36 PM

Dinner near NY Presbyterian Hospital? (68th & York)


I'm going to dinner with my mom & her boyfriend. I am looking for some place near NY Presbyterian hospital. I would prefer a place where the entrees are around $15 or under. My mom's boyfriend likes to bring his own wine to restaurants, so bonus points if it is a BYOB place, or a place that won't charge a corkage fee.


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  1. Hi - I don't have any specific suggestions, but some of these threads may be of help:

    1. I used to work near there-- Ravagh was hands down the best option. Persian food-- grilled meats, stews, veg options. On 1st at 67th. Excellent food, in your price range (entrees between $12-20) and the portion size is very generous. I hear they have a $15 corkage fee though.

      ZaZa (Italian) on 1st near 65th, there's a nice garden in the back
      Luscious Thai on 1st near 60th
      Bistro 61 (french food) on 61st and 1st
      I don't know if any of these other places are BYO

      1237 1st Ave, New York, NY 10065