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Jun 28, 2010 12:35 PM

30th anniversary. Within half hour of Acton.

Looking for a nice place in the burbs...don't want to deal with drive to the city. Thinking about Stonehedge in Tyngsboro, but do you know any place similar with entertainment? After 30 years we're running out of conversation.

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  1. You could consider Gibbett Hill Grill in Groton. Upscale atmosphere, good food and nice setting. Don't know about entertainment, but they do have a small lounge area.

    1. Have you considered the Colonial Inn? They have entertainement on the weekends, atleast. There is also the Jazz cafe but I don;t think its the right type of place for an anniversary dinner, alittle too casual.

      Colonial Inn
      48 Monument Sq # 2, Concord, MA

      1. Here are some choices: ( sorry not entirely sure about entertainment, but the food is good and they are all near by)

        -Monument Grill in Leominster
        -J's restaurant @ Nashoba Valley Winery
        -Alcotts Restaurant & Tea Room in Harvard
        -Cast Iron Kitchen in Maynard
        -Chloe American Bistro in Hudson
        -Walden Grill in Concord
        -Allora Ristorante in Marlborough
        -Coral Seafood in Marlborough

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        1. re: jcess7

          How about AKA Bistro in Lincoln? Great reviews and Sushi + French can't be that bad.

          The atmosphere at J's at Nashoba is great for a special occasion.

          Edit, sorry, missed the part about entertainment. I think Chloe has Jazz nights.

          AKA Bistro
          145 Lincoln Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773

          1. re: stupiddog

            Chloe is good, and they do have music some nights. Just a single performer or 2, usually.

        2. Been to both AKA and Gibbett Hill...both good, not great...AKA is OK...a little busy...but good if you want french and sashimi...Gibbett Hill is good for a mid-upper priced steakhouse...full bar....AKA has beer and wine...

          How about the Stonehedge Inn in Tyngsboro...definitely a cut above for an anniversary...

          Stonehedge Inn
          160 Pawtucket Blvd., Tyngsboro, MA 01879

          1. Thank you for your advice. We like Gibbett Hill Grill, and I want to try the new place in Lincoln, but we're going to to do a spa getaway at Stonehedge. Dinner at the Left Bank and lots of good wine. I'll let you know how it goes.