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Jun 28, 2010 12:28 PM

Tips for solo dining in Barcelona, in August

I'll be in Barcelona for one week in the middle of August and will be traveling by myself. Should I plan on making reservations for dinner each evening? I know that a lot of places will be closed, but unfortunately this is the only time I could go. And is it normal to make reservations for one-person? Any suggestions for good places to dine alone, such as restaurants where you can eat at the bar?

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  1. There is no problem dining solo in just about any restaurant in Barcelona. I have dine alone at restaurants such as Cinc Sentits, Sauc, Alkimia and have always been treated well. Just search this board for places that interest you and then check the web to find which are open when you are there. For high-end sit down restaurants, definitely make a reservation for dinner as many are small. Lunch is no so much a problem. Comerc24 and Santa Maria have counter seatings which one should reserve; the counter is "famous" at Cal Pep. Tapas and pintxos places are especially welcome when eating alone because most are casual, lively with standup or bar seating. Very few will take reservations.

    1. As a person who travels often and has to eat out alone a lot, I think the counter is the way to go. Agree with PBSF that there are lots of possibilities for this in BCN. A few more suggestions: Counter at Pinotxo is excellent for breakfast or lunch. For dinner, try to snag a seat at El Vaso de Oro, which has a very lively counter. Though the place, to me, feels a bit yuppy and corporate, Paco Meralgo does have a good counter (in fact it might be all counter). Taktika Berri also is good, but you have to get there early to get a seat (Think they open at 8 or 8:30 for dinner). I'm not sure which of these are open or closed for August.

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        Thanks tjdnewyork and PBSF for the tips. I didn't realize that counter seats could be reserved. Any idea how to ask for that in Spanish?

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          Only a few places with counter seating will take reservations: Comerc24, Santa Maria being two. These are more like restaurants with counter seating and because they generally expect people to eat a full meal. PacaMeralgo take reservations for tables and probably the counter also. These are more of the exceptions rather than the norm. Most tapas/pintxos places will have a long counter with only a few stools; many munch and drink while standing. Most places that take reservations will have have someone on the phone/desk that will speak some English. Except for table seating, I usually just call or drop by earlier in the day and ask for a reservation and there seems to be always a seat available.