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Jun 28, 2010 12:08 PM

Point Judith - July 4th

My husband and I are going to be in Point Judith for July 4th Weekend...What are some good restaurants in the area for us to try? Fresh seafood is a must and good breakfast spot and maybe a nice romantic place for dinner one night.

Thank you.

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  1. Aunt Carrie's, right at the point, has the most delectable clam cakes you will ever have...and big as softballs, too. I'm thousands of miles from there and feeling mighty envious:)

    Aunt Carrie's Restaurant
    1240 Ocean Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882

    1. Aunt Carrie's is indeed a standard. For the 4th they're gonna be mobbed. The downside to doing the Naragansett/Point Judith thing on a holiday weekend is that it's going to be more expensive than normal, and far more crowded. The upside is that all of the seafood's going to be extremely fresh and just delightful.

      Point Judith's clam cakes are the barometer by which all of our Southern New England seafood delicacies are measured (there's a lot of controversy over lobster rolls, though...). As many times as I try to reproduce those tasty morsels, I can't do it. I guess you have to be there.

      Call Spain in Naragansett for a gourmet treat that's pretty good and as romantic as it's going to get out there. They exploit the local seafood, too.

      Finally, the Mews Cafe in Naragansett is right in the thick of things. It's not everybody's cup of tea (and they're going to be gnarly to tourists July 4 weekend) but there's nothing like sitting atop the bay eating what's been caught only hours before -- and enjoying a cocktail with the guys (and gals) who caught it!

      I'm of the opinion to choose the breakfast spot that you drive by that appeals to you. There're plenty of them.

      One last thought... at Point Judith you'll be able to pick up most (if not all) the fixin's for a seafood feast that you can enjoy at your hotel. We've had some memorable meals, watching the sun go down, eating on paper plates and drinking beer from the bottle.

      Aunt Carrie's Restaurant
      1240 Ocean Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882

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        Here are couple of recent post asking about Narragansett which is right in that area too.

        In case you didn't see them.

        I haven't been down that way in just over 6 years, so I can't recommend much anymore.

        I used to like Span, Turtle Soup, Amalfi and for pretty casual with a decent view also liked Champlain's, but would never recommend or eat at Georgie's, sorry I just don't think it is very good at all. A drink up stairs enjoying the view, maybe, but not the food.

        Shaogo is the Mew's also in Narragansett now too, and are they still also in Wakefield?

        Good Luck with this weekend it will be pretty busy, but did hear that the weather along the Coastal towns should be pretty decent, enjoy yourselves.

        Most of all the places mentioned do have websites, so that should give you an idea of offerings and prices. I have most of them booked marked if you don't have the time to do individual serves, I'll put them in wordpad or notebook and then post them for you.

        1. re: hummingbird

          This is awesome! Thanks so much! I am sure it will be very busy all weekend, but we're looking forward for the quick getaway and maybe a trip to Block Island or visit the Mansions in Newport.

          1. re: beanie330

            Do not miss Matunuck Oyster Bar!!! Fantastic setting on a salt pond on Succotash Rd (off of Route 1, take the exit marked East Matunuck State Beach/Jerusalum).

            The food at George's is horrid. I know everyone raves about Mews, but I never got as far as trying the food because the inside was so didn't smell clean, so we turned & walked out. I prefer Iggy's & Champlins to Aunt Carrie's.

            Crazy Burger in Narragansett for breakfast - wonderful.

            1. re: beanie330

              If you want romantic, head to Castle Hill in Newport. Spain in Narragansett has a romantic setting but the food has gone way way downhill.

        2. The Lobster roll served upstairs from Champlin's Seafood in Galilee is worth checking out. Get that, a cheap beer, and a seat overlooking the fishing boats.