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Jun 28, 2010 11:39 AM

Best of Westchester Magazine 2010

Before I begin let me first say that I have not dined at Don Coqui nor have I had the salad in a box at Meme's BUT in quickly glancing at the best of list 3 things stuck out glaringly as "you must be kidding moments"--also I realize that some of the category titles were for "schtick":
1. best salad in a box:--meme's
2. best brisket: barnacle
3. best latino: don coqui

Am I reading to much into this or what? It just seemed way off but then again I guess the demographics of Westchester magazine may think this way. I guess they are to scared to venture into Port Chester or White Plains for "latino" food or brisket from Q which is 150 times better that barnacles--which is barely edible. The salad in a box thing is just insane. The baked goods were mediocre the last 2 times I tried it so why on earth would you make a category that gives a thumbs up to a bakery's salad when one could go into any good market (standing room only, cornerstone, june & ho, rye town market, whole foods et al.) and put the same ingredients in a box?

At least they got the Cookery right as best new resto and MELT as best sandwich shop!

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  1. Hoo boy, I agree on Meme, that place deserves zero in the way of praise. The price is too high and the baked good, whatever I had which proves it was forgettable, was not good. It's laughable to think of going there for a salad.

    I'm not impressed with Q, I would put Big W over it, Westchester or no, any day of the week.

    But yes, MELT is an outstanding sandwich shop and deserves all the praise it can get, unless of course they expand and lose what makes them really good.

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    1. re: anonymouse1935

      Eaxctly! Whhooooo Boy is what I said!! I guess the category could also have been "best bakery in White Plians next to a political campaign office." The copy is laughable!

      Yes Big W is awesome but I was trying to keep it fair and in Westchester. Plates for that matter serves a wonderful bbq brisket on Sundays for their all you can eat bottomless bbq dinner.

      1. re: cubanat

        When did Plates start this bbq? sounds interesting. Do you have any details?

        1. re: debmom

          "Bottomless BBQ" Sundays
          Taken from their website:

          Join in every Sunday for Chef Karp's $28 "bottomless BBQ" Sunday with a $10 kids menu for the 10 and unders. Pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and other "smoker specials". You order it, we keep it coming! Pair it with our beers on tap: Magic Hat #9 or Hefeweizen Circus Boy and take a spot on the outdoor patio or inside as you please. Regular menu also available. Dinner service begins at 5pm.

          also here is link:

          1. re: cubanat

            sounds great, we'll have to give it a try, thanks!

    2. I rarely agree with food/restaurant choices at Westchester magazine. They had that awful steakhouse in Croton Falls on their top list for a long time. Salad in a box sounds awful.

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        1. re: Proud_2_Be_A_CH_Peep

          HA! UGH - sounds like what Fabio cooked on Top Chef a couple of weeks ago!

      1. You should always take all "Best of"Westchester Magazine" ratings with a grain of salt. Frequently, these "ratings" are procured by the amount of advertising an establishment does with the magazine and ballot-box stuffing by the owners/fans of whatever is being rated. I'm not saying all the ratings are phony, just saying that you shouldn't be surprised by questionable "bests" showing up on the lists.

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        1. re: fragnet

          u r 100% fragnet u advertise all year and they will make you a catogory but don coqui is pretty good there r better latin places

        2. There are so many categories is just BS. About the only thing its good for is to hear of new places, but even then you can't trust the reviews.

          1. I love how Best Persian Restaurant is given to Shiraz, the only Persian restaurant in Westchester... Coincidentally, it also won the award for Worst Persian Restaurant.

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            1. re: wagamamababy

              Nooooo, really? How hysterical.

              Just proves once again that the only reliable opinion for me is mine.