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Meadows of Dan/Floyd, VA recs needed

We'll be in Meadows of Dan for a few days, staying at Primland, and would appreciate any recommendations for the immediate area. I know Oddfellow's is supposed to be good. Anything else? Also, does anyone have a view on the restaurants at the resort itself?


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  1. been several years but this could be of interest

    1. You need to post this on Middle Atlantic board. Where are you driving from?

      I have a friend that has family near by. He recommends Chateau Morisette just N of MOD.


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        We're coming up from Chapel Hill.

      2. Tuggles Gap ( rt 8 and BRP ) Pine Tavern (Just North of Floyd on 221) and Morsette winery on BRP. There is also tastless grub at Mabery's Mill and lousy pizza down Rt 58.
        Hillsville has a nice place in the old Nuckols Drug store but I can not think of the name.

        Hillsville Cafe
        8520 Hillsville Rd, Trinity, NC 27370

        1. My bad for forgetting the borders of the board.

          Thanks for all the recommendations!

          1. I had brunch at Oddfellows in Floyd recently. I was not impressed. Pluses for locally sourced and organic ingredients. Minuses for lousy service, food served at wrong temperatures (barely room temperature rice/beans), uninspired and tasteless dishes.

            My impression is it is a funky place living on a past reputation in a town with few offerings. I would not go out of my way again to eat there. Not sure I would try again even if I was in the area.

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              We stopped in Floyd on our way home and had lunch at Oddfella's. Contrary to your experience, we had very good food (although too much of it), and excellent service at a decent price. It does have a bit of a Moosewood aura to it, but we were very pleased.

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                You described it perfectly. The first time we thought it was a fluke but the 2nd time settled it. We will not bother again.

              2. I'd also be interested to know how the restaurants at Primland are. We are going to be staying there as well this year.

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                  Primland is a very funny place, IMO. It's essentially a billionaire's private playground that is partially open to the public. Some things are amazing and others annoying. This isn't the place for hotel reviews, so let's get to the restaurants.

                  Elements is extremely good. For dinner they only offer a tasting menu (7 courses including amuse bouche and mignardise). Everything was delicious and original. Then again, at over $100/person with only one cocktail and one glass of wine each, it should be. Service was attentive but slightly awkward. I think there's been some recent staff turnover and some servers are still learning the ropes. We were one of three covers in the restaurant that night.

                  Breakfast is fine, but expensive, even by luxury hotel standards. We paid $35 (inc. service) for a yogurt parfait, a bowl of oatmeal, 1 OJ, and two coffees. For breakfast the next day we drove down the mountain to Meadows of Dan and had a very filling breakfast at Two by Two BBQ for $13 (including service). We also had dinner there that was very good, although I'm no 'Q aficionado despite living in NC.

                  We had a lunch at the 19th hole which was very nice, but again pricey. $55 for an excellent burger, chicken salad, drinks (including a great Arnold Palmer with homemade lemonade), and coffee.

                  We didn't dine at the Stables Saloon. There weren't enough people on the property to justify opening it. It's expensive meat and potatoes with apps at $7-12 and mains at $35-40. I'm sure it's very good, as, at those prices, it bloody well should be. Oddly enough, we drove by there to check out the menu and the building was open but no one was there, and the stench from the downstairs bathroom was extremely pungent.

                  We decided to limit our dining on the property because of the expense. It takes about 25 minutes to get down the mountain and to Meadows of Dan. Floyd is probably 45 minutes away. Stuart is all the way down the windy bits of 58, so I wouldn't recommend heading there for dinner. We thought about going to Chateau Morisette, but decided to leave it for next time.

                2. We built a weekend home near Meadows of Dan and love the area. We have tried Oddfellows' Cantina a few times and have always been disappointed.

                  Recently we enjoyed several really great meals at The Woodberry Inn located between Chateau Morrissette and Mabry Mill just off the Parkway. It has an eclectic menu in a comfortable setting. It's a friendly, and not pretentious at all.

                  We have had mixed results at Chateau Morrisette, like the little girl with the curl, when it's good it's very good and when it's bad it's......disappointing.

                  We have not eaten at Primland but have enjoyed shooting skeet and look forward to an Orvis Fly Fishing experience when time permits. The shooting experience and the lessons were wonderful.

                  The Woodberry Inn
                  182 Woodberry Rd SW, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120