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Pei-Wei - a chain?

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Anyone tried this one? Some clients want take out lunch from this spot and said it was a chain...any reports/infoon this one in torrance? Thx!

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  1. It is a chain of "casual/fast" chinese food owned by PF Changs. If it is anything like the other location I tried, it probably isn't very good and overpriced for what you get.

    1. I've tried it a couple of times. It's a spinoff of the P.F. Chang's chain but more casual- you order your food at the counter. I thought it was just OK and remember the food being quite salty- not authentic Chinese for sure. I think I like Panda Express better than this place.

      Link: http://www.peiwei.com

      1. Tried this for the first time on Saturday night. We got the kung pao scallops and the lemon pepper chicken. Not good. Both tasted very similar and very bland. Got it take out and the bill was still around $20. I'd sooner go back to Panda Express where at least the food tastes like something.

        1. Bleech!

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            1. The second worst dining (luckily it was limited to a quick lunch) experience for me - first was City Thai in old Town Pasadena. No one can pay me enough money to go back to PW!

              1. Been to the one in Valencia. The portions are small, prices are high, tastes very bland, I would not even recommend it to my arch-nemesis. I'd rather pay half the price and get better tasting food at Panda Express.

                1. I would take Pei-Wei over Panda Express any day. The deep-fried glob that Panda Express passes off as a sorry excuse for meat is put to shame by Pei-Wei.


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                    and what exactly would PeiWei offer that tastes better than deep-fried glob? starchy bland "dandan" noodles?

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                      No, meat. Better quality meat resembling something that at some point, had come off an animal.


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                        I actually agree that I would rather have Pei-Wei over Panda Express any day... if coworkers want to hit PW I won't put up much of a fight but PE is a no-go. That said, if you do have to "eat the meat" at PW, I'd stick with chicken and avoid the beef at all costs. A good bit like shoe soles... Blech!

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                          Shoe soles! Love it! Was that beef?


                  2. I went to Pei Wei once and had to send back my meal it was so salty. The next one was only slightly better. I'm not going back anytime soon.

                    1. I like PeiWei's PadThai-ish noodles with tofu and veggies. Tastes good and there's plenty of it!

                      1. I like PW. I get the Asian Chopped Salad. A tip - take some of the chili sauce and sprinkle some on the salad. It's one of my favorite entree salads. I like their brown rice, too. It has a nice, nutty bite to it.