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Jun 28, 2010 09:22 AM

Pici pasta

Okay, I've already tried to search on CH for this and haven't come up with much. We just retuned from Tuscany and like others have fallen in love with pici pasta. I have two questions.

1. Are there any shops on Arthur Avenue that sell pici pasta? A Manhattan shop would actually be more convenient but based on my CH search I'm assuming it's not so easy to come by. Hence the focus on Arthur Avenue.

2. Any restaurants to recommend with pici pasta on the menu?

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  1. Isn't pici a fresh pasta? I only know it from Mario Batali's tv show (he made it with a lamb/basil ragu, it's in one of the books, and discussed on the Homecooking board of this site)
    Batali talks about it as one of the easier shapes to make, good for doing with your kids.

    I'm pretty interested in a discussion of what restaurants make great fresh pasta dishes. In Brooklyn I only know Al Di La, and that's primarily fresh ravioli.

    Al Di La
    248 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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    1. re: pitu

      Pici can be either fresh or dried. I actually picked up a couple of packages of dried pici in Tuscany but I'm already planning for how to get my fix when I run out :) Also, I plan to give one package to a friend and I just wanted to make sure not to give her something that isn't as rare here as I thought.

      Now that I've feasted on such tasty fresh pasta in Italy I would also be interested in a discussion of great fresh pasta dishes. I'm pretty sure it's served fairly regularly at "better" Italian restaurants I've been to (mainly, in Manhattan) but I haven't really focused as deliberately as I will going forward now.

      1. re: uwsgrazer

        In Brooklyn, Coluccio has a large range of dried handmade, artisanal pastas - not sure pici is one, but there are several similar shapes.
        Sal and Jerry's carries a line of refrigerated handmade pastas from the Cilento in their refrigerator case.
        If you want to start looking in Manhattan, the Italian place in Chelsea Market carries a lot of items uncommon in the US.

        1. re: jen kalb

          I have looked everywhere for pici in Brooklyn and have not found it--that includes at Coluccio. I too bring bags of it home from Tuscany whenever we go to Italy (actually last time we weren't in Tuscany, but I found it at Eataly in Turin!) If you find some, please post here as our last fix is long gone. And if I were you--don't give that bag to your friend, you'll regret it ;) I'm sure you can find something else to give her!

          1. re: jinx

            Uh-oh. Seems as if I will have to make this pici go a loooonng way. No immediate plans to visit Arthur Avenue anytime soon but I will check for pici on my next visit. I'll be sure to report back, if I find any.

            1. re: uwsgrazer

              They are about to open an Eataly in Manhattan on 23rd Street. Maybe you will find it there!

        2. re: uwsgrazer

          Found it once dried in Italian store at Cheksea market. Also, very easy to make, just time consuming. Just pasta flour and water, then hand roll. Time consuming, but as good as Tuscany.

      2. Frank and Sal's Prime Meats in Bensonhurst is worth a call. It's a full-service grocery store with a staggering away of imported (Italian) products. Including toothpaste. Really. Everything. Great chow neighborhood, too.

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          1. re: bobjbkln

            ha, thanks for the link--but not at $11 a pound! I love pici but not THAT much!

            1. re: jinx

              Personally Id be incliined to try some of the other artisanal pastas with similar shape/ingredients ahead of spending that kind of $

              or making my own - no special equipment required.

        1. Or $9/lb via the web from Boston's Salumeria Italiana:

          On Arthur Avenue, check the food store inside the market (next to Cafe Mercato), or Casa della Mozzarella, or the Arthur Avenue shop whose name I've forgotten just above 187St, next to the playground.

          1. I think i've seen pici at DiPalo. Call them and ask.

            1. Pici found this weekend at Coluccio. Id be interested to hear what the Tuscan returnees think

              Coluccio and Sons
              1214 60th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219

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              1. re: jen kalb

                I had the same search when I returned from Tuscany.

                I have found it at a few places on Arthur Ave - Tinos usually has it or else in the Market, on the exact opposite side of the market from Mike's Deli there is a stand with specialty imported pastas. Price is usually 5.99-7.99, if I remember correctly!


                Mike's Deli
                2344 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458