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Jun 28, 2010 08:37 AM

Italian Restaurant with Hearty Servings?

I'm looking to take my mother out this Friday just to show thanks for her always being there for me and helping me whenever she can. I want to take her to an Italian restaurant where she can eat the food she loves and not feel hungry after she has left. Money is not an issue, but a requirement would have to be that the servings aren't small. Is there any place like this in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

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  1. You'll need to also post this on the Manhattan board

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      I didn't want to spam the boards with my request, that's why I didn't post in Manhattan as well, I tried searching for similar threads though, do you know of any in particular?

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        Only Outerboroughs requests and answers allowed on Outerboroughs board. Only Manhattan requests and answers on Manhattan board. You have to post on each. You asked for both boroughs, that is why I said post on both boards.

    2. Looking for Italian-American? Suggest Frost or Cono and Sons, both in Williamsburgh.

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        Thank you, I am looking for Italian-American... Frost or Cono and Sons I will research them.

      2. L&B Spumoni Gardens

        L&B Spumoni Gardens
        2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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          Only if she wants to treat her Mom to MAJOR heartburn!

          Check out New Corner. Huge portions of basic I/A food

        2. Here's the thread you need to consult:

          In Manhattan, John's of 12th St. would work as would Piccolo Angelo, and, of course, Carmines if you want to go downmarket.

          1. For really good Italian food and hearty servings, it's hard to beat Queen, on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn. They make their own pasta, bread, and mozzarella (twice a day). In fact, the mozzarella is their signature dish. If you haven't tasted their mozzarella, you haven't had mozarella.

            The prices are on the high side, but not outrageous. The room is what you might expect in a shopping mall (not meant as a compliment), but everything else is on target, especially the food.

            Go and enjoy!