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Food near or in Angel Stadium?

Food at Angel Stadium is not good. I know, I know, I expect too much from a $10.00 hot dog, and a $6.00 bag of stale peanuts. (I am mostly mad at myself, because I never take the time to swing by Bay Cities to grab a Godmother to bring into the game). Any good grab n' go options near the stadium? or am I missing something great inside the stadium?

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  1. In-n-Out...or how about a Bob's Big Boy @ the Stadium Promenade (Katella, east of the 57)?

    1623 W Katella Ave
    Orange, CA 92867

    1. Your two best options inside the stadium are probably the specialty hot dog place out in LF (they do a pretty good version of a Chicago dog), or the Katella Grill concession (fried chicken tenders w/fries).

      Depending on where you're coming from, Cortina's (pretty good Italian deli sandwiches) is a reliable choice.


      There's also a little Mexican joint just across Katella called Fresca's. I like their burritos. It's very popular with the pregame crowd, but they get the food out quickly.

      Katella Grill
      1325 W Katella Ave, Orange, CA 92867

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        I've brought a whole pizza into Anaheim Stadium. So try either Zito's pizza (near Hooters on Katella) or Marri's (near Disneyland on Katella)

        Blake's Place has very good BBQ, about 7 miles from stadium. There is a Lucille's take out location on Chapman and a Beach Pit BBQ at Orange Circle but I'm not a fan of either place. Beach Pit had locations at the stadium but they pulled out this year.

        Near the Orange Circle is a Middle Eastern place, Papa's (something) good kebobs.

        What I find interesting is that you can bring a Big Gulp, any size, into Anaheim Stadium. But you can't bring that same Big Gulp into Dodger Stadium. You can bring a sealed bottle of water, less than one liter in size, into both. But you can't bring in a soda or sports drink.

        Blake's Place
        2905 E Miraloma Ave, Anaheim, CA

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          You're probably thinking of Papa Hassan's on Glassel, up from the circle on the edge of the Chapman U. campus. Haven't been in years, but remember it as tasty and affordable, even for a struggling grad student.

      2. Can' go wrong with this place: Jagerhaus
        It's the bomb
        I'm sure you can get any of those sammy's listed on their lunch menu to go (assuming you're off to a day game). Call ahead maybe they'll do for an evening game too...

        1. You're right...Angel Stadium food offerings are poor. I say that with regret as I'm a life-long fan. Here's our usual plan of attack. On the way to the game, drive through Portillo's in Buena Park for some truly delicious dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, and continue to the stadium just a few minutes away. The security staff has no problem with outside food being brought in or even drinks, as long as they are not alcoholic and are in the paper cups the restaurant serves them in. Bottle and cans are forbidden.

          1. Great options, thanks everyone!

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              Forgot to mention, Doner G Turkish & Mediterranean Grill, on Ball Rd, just east of State College.

              Doner G
              2139 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806

            2. The Catch is always good and it just reopened right next to Angels Stadium
              And there's a Hooters down the street ;D

              1. jeffandnat:

                If this reply is not too late, on the northeast corner of Katella and State College Blvd., right across Angel Stadium, there is a Denny's. Directly east of it in the same parking lot there is a Carl's Jr. Also in that lot, east of Carl's Jr., there is a Panda Express, and a fast-food Mexican food restaurant like Rubio's, only an independent. Right across of Katella, on the same side of the street as the stadium, there is a McDonald's. These are probably your best bets for grab-and-go. Also, if you're not afraid of walking a little extra, the bank by the Panda Express opens up their lot for off-site stadium parking for a lot less parking fee and easier exit after the game, so you can park, grab-and-go, and head to the stadium. Your parking fee savings can help subsidize dinner. Hope this helps!

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                  The Mexican place is Fresca's, which I mentioned upthread. Worth noting that they'll let you bring the Carl's Jr. and Panda into the ballpark (assuming one would actually want to eat either), notwithstanding the fact that both Carl's & Panda have concessions in the Stadium. But it will cost half as much across Katella.

                2. Jeff, it's a little bit of a drive, but Scotties is well worth it. If you are done with the game, head east almost all the way to the 55, and there is a Norms.

                  Scottie's Smokehouse
                  129 E Collins Ave, Orange, CA 92867

                  1. You can't take beer as mentioned above, but they have great sandwiches to take from this location. Fresh & Easy or Ralphs on the way down Main at Chapman to this spot for other stuff way cheeper than the Stadium. You will go nearly to La Veta for this spot but it is easy to get to.

                    Hollingshead's Delicatessen
                    368 S Main St, Orange, CA 92868

                    1. If you just want a quick thing to pick up and eat, I'd say stop by OC Poultry and Rotisserie and get their chicken banh mi. Under $3, excellent, and filling. And, since it's on Ball and State College (NE corner), you'll come down State College and not have to fight the freeway traffic for entrance into the main (west) lot.

                      If you're really a hot dog and beer kind of man, Throwbacks (on Anaheim Way, which is the east-side frontage road of the 5, just north of Katella) has a deal where $10 gets you a hot dog and a beer at the sports bar and a round-trip ride on a shuttle to the stadium. Avoids spending $8 just on parking.

                      If you get off at Ball and head north on State College, your options increase dramatically. You can get a cemita poblana at El Camino Real Market/Taqueria La Poblanita (800 block of South State College), you can get empanadas and a $6 entraƱa sandwich at the counter at El Gaucho #2 Market (also 800 block of South State College), you could grab a torta or a fruit cup at El Natural (1100 block of South State College). If Chinese food is your thing, Ho-Toy's (700 block, South State College) serves stuff reminiscent of Panda, but twice the portion for the same price, and I think much better.

                      In the same plaza as OC Poultry, there's a Greek place called Willy's Eatery, a Turkish place called Doner G, a teriyaki joint and another Mexican fruit place, as well as a Mexican restaurant that serves antojitos (tacos, mulitas, etc.).

                      Jagerhaus is a good option for dinner but not for take-out. In that same plaza (2500 block, East Ball) there's a liquor store called His-Nibs, where they make a pretty mean meatball sub for under $5, and last I checked they were doing buy-one-get-one-half-off.

                      There's a Lucille's in Orange on Chapman and Lewis, not very far from the stadium at all. You could get take-out.

                      My info may be out of date (though I live walking distance from the stadium), so call ahead if there's something you are especially interested in.

                      2525 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806

                      Doner G
                      2139 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806

                      El Gaucho
                      425 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

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