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Jun 28, 2010 07:00 AM

Suggestions for Waldorf, MD

Does anyone know of any good dining experiences in Waldorf? All I can seem to find are "chains"

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  1. Hi Kaydee,
    Drive just south of Waldorf to White Plains, and you will find two great one-of-a-kind restuarants, Martinis Lounge and Prime Rib Room, and The Prime Street Grill. Both are priced about the same and have great dining experiences.

    Prime Street Grill
    4680 Crain Hwy, White Plains, MD 20695

    1. Check out Brasas or the mexican place next door to them. Both are on the left side of Route 301 going south just past the WalMart in a small strip center. Brasas has amaizing black beans and rice and the mexican restaurant is amazing cheap for the amount of food they give you (which is very good too!).

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        Second Brasas - they have Peruvian chicken ( like El Pollo Rico!).

        Pollo Rico
        7643 New Hampshire Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. We are heading to Waldorf, late this afternoon. We are still trying to decide where we will go but will report on it.

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          Well, we struck out for the three places that sounded good. All three were closed on July 4. We ended up by going to one of the endless chains that they have in Waldorf! Oh well; next time.