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Jun 28, 2010 05:33 AM

food containers

i'm looking for food containers for my husband and i to use for work.

the problem is, i want something with no plastic. most glass and stainless steel containers i find still use a plastic lid. i need something that can retain heat (like the stanley thermos) so that we can avoid using the microwave (primarily for soups).

does anyone have a non-plastic heat retaining food container perfect for soups they love?

also, i am considering the stainless steel bento boxes for other foods. anyone have an preferences?

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  1. There are small, wide-mouth thermos models. I have one from Target and like it a lot. Sounds like the thing for you.

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      Ditto -- Stanley makes stainless steel food jars in various sizes. They have them in the classic green enameled steel in 17 and 24 oz sizes. Not entirely plastic free -- the lid is plastic and there is a plastic o-ring to seal the container. The container itself is stainless steel.

      A hint to ensure peak performance: before filling with hot food, pour in some boiling hot water in first, swish it around and discard the water. This pre-heating will keep the container from cooling the food. (Similarly, swish with ice water before filling with food you want chiled). This bit is actually in the instructions which most toss out right away.

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        BTW, the plastic that is in the Stanley vacuum jars is BPA-free, according to their web site.

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          thanks - i actually have the stanley food jars but they do contain a plastic top seal and bowl. i was looking for something that would be completely plastic-free from anything that would be with the food - especially the top seal since it is near the food.

      2. How about using something like a glass Mason jar with a metal lid and putting it in an insulated bag of some kind?

        1. Go with a Thermos or thermos-like wide mouth container that is either lined in glass (which works great, but you need to be careful and not drop the container), or metal. I used to take hot tea to school with me, and the glass lined containers would keep tea hot for five or six hours, easily.

          I have two metal-lined coffee mugs that I use that can each keep my coffee hot for four hours or so, so this is probably a good choice too -- but I think the traditional glass liners work best, based on my personal experience with hot beverages.

          1. Take a look at an "Chinese" supermarket, especially if there is a Korean population. They have stainless steel insulated lunch boxes. The outer container is like a small barrel. Internally it is subdivided into two or three trays.

            This is the sort of thing...


            Googling for "stainless steel bento box" will show you various types.

            1. I bought ten of these and just heat without the lid. Coworkers now all have them. Best part is the handle stays cool.