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Jun 28, 2010 05:31 AM


Where can I find Rosewater for baking?

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  1. Zituna in Richardson

    1. Since you are in Highland Village you might try out AL Markaz in Carrollton before you make the trip all the way to Richardson. They have quite a large grocery section and it might be worthwhile to give them a call before you leave to verify they have rosewater.

      1. Believe Williams-Sonoma has it. Be sure you don't use so much that your baking tastes like soap ;)

        1. I was at Jimmy's over the weekend and saw it there.

          1. Zituna has the largest selection. I like Cortas (brand) personally. It's the least expensive and the best tasting.
            A middle eastern gentleman (not in the food business) I know recommended it. Amongst it's many uses, I also swirl it in plain yogurt and vanilla ice cream. If you like "Cream of Wheat", swirl a little bit in it, too. Amazing!
            While your there, pick up some orange flower water as well. Amongst it's many uses, I like it best drizzled over sliced fruit (oranges, peaches, etc.) with a (light) shake of cinnamon and sugar. You won't believe how good that is!
            I'm using Indo-European (brand).
            A warning: These flower waters are addictive. You'll find yourself drizzling them on almost everything but mashed potatoes.
            Also keep in mind, a little go's a very long way!