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Jun 28, 2010 05:28 AM

So if you did invite the 3 food industry people over ... what would you make for dinner?

Okay, this is playing off the very fun thread of imagining if you could invite 3 food industry people over for dinner. To take it a step further..... name the 3 you've decided on.... and what would you COOK!

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  1. Okay, I've decided on Alton Brown, Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart. And for dinner.... I would .... grill hamburgers. Served outside under the tree next to the Weber kettle grill. Not sure on side dishes tho or drinks.....

    1. If they are not going to cook for me, then my criteria changes. I would have Rick Bayless (to pick his brain), Bobby Flay (because I have a thing for redheads), and Paula Deen's son (because he is gorgeous, and has learned from the cradle to be deeply appreciative of a woman's cooking).

      I would serve steak and shrimp skewers, wilted dandelion greens with bacon dressing, Portuguese clams with linguiƧa, french bread, and probably something dairy/creamy/cold for dessert that I could put fresh fruit in. And, of course, lots of wine.

      Hmm. Maybe I better take another look at the guest list. I just got way more excited over the menu than I did over the company.

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        I just laughed at your last paragraph, lily. :-D

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          My catholic-by-association upbringing forbids me to covet other women's husbands. Guilt is not a suitable pairing for any meal. I should invite Anthony Bourdain, and try to make him angry. I would feel like a proper martyr then.

      2. Sandra Dee. I would serve a mix of equal parts dinty moore and carlo rossi (= boeuf bourguignon). Not sure what I would do about a table-scape though.

        1. Sandra Lee. Table scape, hot tub. I'd serve martinis.

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          1. I really don't know who I would invite.

            Do I go for the superstar TV chef ? or the unknown next-to-be Michelin starred chef ? or the local "guru" that everyone invites just "because" ?

            I'd invite the owner (or owner) of the restaurant "Cuisine&Dependance" (close to home and I like the place). ( to get the insight on working on a neighborhood restaurant that serve market-driven food and the challenge of it)
            I'd invite Joel Robuchon to get the insight on the challenge of having a multinational food business and the perils of being needed (or not everywhere).
            I'd invite a young wine producer (Arianna Occhipinti or Karim Vionet, or anyother new style wine producers... or if they are not available, Hubert de Montille ) to get the insight on the business of growing "things" and because they would come with some wine! (yeah I'm cheap!)

            For food, I keep it simple and hard to fail dishes:
            Aperitif : Champagne with some olives, fresh veggies (small cherry tomatoes, radish, ...) maybe some good chips.
            Appetizer : Ceviche ( with scallops )
            Main : Ossobuco or some other braised meat.
            Cheeses : couple of local cheeses.
            Dessert : Fresh raspberries and homemade vanilla ice cream.