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Jun 28, 2010 04:40 AM

Wood Chunks for Smoking

Does anyone know of a source for hard wood for smoking/bbq'ing in the Providence area? I had the address of a supplier in the are but I can't put my hands on it I need to get some wood for next weekend. Thanks for any help you can give me

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  1. Hi,
    I am a Coporate Chef for one of the largest professional smoker companies. I totally prefer pellets for smoking it gives a gentle flavor there are many types of pellets and usually sold in 40 pound bags. But its easy to go into the woods and get some alder, Oak, Cherry or I have seen it in places that sell charcoal they put it in small bags. Big chunks are ok but the best for the BBQ chamipons are pellets Lowes sells it also.

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      Thanks Frank

      I have bought from Lowe's and Home Depot, but the supplier I had info on sold it in, I think 25 and maybe 50 pound bags. It was really economical to by from this person. It's driving me crazy, I had the contact info but lost it.

      1. re: Martino

        Really happy to see this post here. I just started smoking ribs. Should you continuously add pellets or chips thoughout the entire process. I did my ribs for 5 hours.

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          Hi Guys,
          I purchase about 120 pounds for a year, ,ostly Hickory and Mesquite. I start them on high amount of wood so the resin sticks to the item like ribs then not as much at the end. I use about 3/4 pound to 1 pound for 8-10 racks of babybacks at a temp of 250 for about 3 1/2 hours to 4 hours. But its how much smoke people like. the ribs I like light, Brisket smoky, butts smoky HOpe you have fun. if you want to purchase pellets go to the

          1. re: Frank Terranova

            I know its not Providence, but there is a GREAT BBQ store in Shrewsbury MA called Spit Jack. They have everything BBQ and loads of different woods. Ive also seen private parties advertising wood on craigslist.

            1. re: jeepcj85

              Beside buying chips I also cut up maple saplings and grape vine from my yard. I also use trimmings from a Apple and Pear tree. I like apple the best.