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Uncle Greg's Smokin BBQ in Lansdale on a Friday Night

Ate on Friday a Sliced Beef Brisket sandwich from Uncle Greg's Smokin BBQ on Main Street Lansdale. No joke, the brisket made my knees melt. Also, got a lemonade which was perfect. The staff was friendly and personable. Went with some of the best of friends. In all, it was just a great experience. I highly recommend this place.

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  1. sorry, the location in in Lansdale, is the parking lot of the Lansdale Business Center at the intersection of North Cannon Ave and 7th Ave." [sorry, had a directionally challenged moment.]

    1. awesome! thanks for the info. :)

      1. wasn't there a thread about this place last week? what happened to it?

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          I had started a side conversation about Uncle Greg's BBQ under the original post referencing Smoke Daddy's BBQ, which is also located in Lansdale. Both very tasty BBQ places.

        2. After reading some of the reviews and compliments about Uncle Gregs’ over on Cannon by 7th Street, I decided to treat the Family to BBQ for dinner last night (i.e. I didn’t feel like cooking)
          Thank you to my fellow CH’ers for tipping me off to this guy!

          First let me say, the BBQ truck is immaculately clean. Immediately made such a great impression, to be followed by how nice of a guy Greg is! He answered some questions for me and gave me samples of damn near everything on the menu (for future reference)

          I settled on a quart of pulled pork, a quart of brisket and the special of the day which was an Italian pork, with provolone & broccoli rabe, I also grabbed a small container of potato salad as a side dish

          The pulled pork was juicy, but not greasy. It had little bits of bark throughout which I loved and not too much sauce. There was a nice smoke flavor, but not overwhelming, you can still taste the delicious pork through the smoke, seasoning and bbq sauce.

          The brisket was just heaven, fall apart tender, with a beautiful smoke ring just under nicely caramelized outer layer, holding in all that juice and flavor, again with the brisket, Greg managed to pull off the perfect balance of smoke and seasoning while allowing the flavor of the MEAT to come through

          Italian Pork sandwich was pulled pork with Eye-talian fixin’s on it, but it was still quite good and left me wondering if Greg maybe had a little Eye-talian in his family… I liked the broccoli rabe, and he uses some nice sharp, stinky provolone, my favorite

          Potato salad is home made and tasty… the potatoes are creamy and it’s a nice ‘foil’ to the flavor of the bbq.

          I want to be sure to remind anyone else that’s tried and liked Uncle Greg’s to spread the word! BBQ like this is an art form and I’d like to see Uncle Greg around for a LONG time!

          1. Anyone know what time he is open till on Tuesday's?

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              If I remember correctly, he's only open Thursday to Sunday

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                Bucksguy is correct, Greg's is open on Thursday through Sunday. I believe Thurs-Sat he is open 11am-7pm and Sun 11am-5pm. My wife and I stop by at least once a weekend to grab dinner or lunch. Tried everything, but the brisket is our favorite.

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                  Thanks guys, will have to plan a trip to visit the parents around this!

            2. Visited for the second time this weekend and I am officially declaring that:


              Of course, having recently moved here, I've only had BBQ at Uncle Greg's and Smoke Daddy's, so maybe that statement is somewhat premature. But if someone knows where there are two excellent BBQ joints in such close proximity, I'd like to know about it!

              Apparently Greg used to own a restaurant, but his dream was to do BBQ. What he has is a beautiful, squeaky clean new trailer kitchen with a cool piggy pit boss/Weber grill “Pig Out” logo emblazoned on the side. I haven’t seen a nicer trailer; it must have cost a pretty penny and he is already doing BBQ catering for events on the side. The proximity of his parking lot to SD’s parking lot (~3 blocks) is because of the limited choices for fixed kitchens in the Lansdale area that are interested in having a separate BBQ in their parking lot (apparently a fixed kitchen is required for a license). So Greg occasionally disappears into the building behind his trailer. He has a Fast Eddy pellet smoker on the back of the trailer and uses a mix of hickory and peach (BTW, SD uses hickory logs in his smoker). I suspect SD will laugh at a pellet smoker compared to his hulking, street legal monster, but I’m quite a fan of them.

              In general, UG’s selection is similar to SD’s, although he doesn’t have the 3 different cuts of ribs that SD does (baby, St. Louis and Carolina). He's also open on Fri, Sat and Sun evenings, whereas SD isn't open on Sun. My impressions:

              Ribs: Not sure if they are barbequed wet or dry, but they are served slathered in a liberal quantity of UG’s homemade sauce. If you’ve ever had Wegmans Memphis BBQ sauce, it is somewhat similar in style, very tomatoey, vinegary and with a good amount of spices. The two times I’ve had the ribs, once they were falling off the bone, the others were more toothsome. Pretty lean, which I like. Very different style than SDs, so opinions will differ.

              Pulled turkey sandwich: A large stack of thickly cut (I wouldn’t really call it pulled) turkey with a good level of smoke on a nice round bun. The menu says it has cranberry sauce, but I didn’t notice any. It did have some of the BBQ sauce, but next time I would request extra.

              Beef brisket sandwich: Good crust and sliced medium-thin on a soft half hoagie roll. Nice and lean, moist and tender, this is really good brisket. Better than SD's? Maybe, hard to say. But request extra sauce. I’d prefer a firmer roll.

              Cole slaw: I only had a sample, but it’s some of the best I’ve had.

              Potato salad: Good, but I think SD’s is better (at least before the pickles were added!). It’s a bit wet, has a lot of celery and the potatoes are diced to small to my way of thinking. It’s also a bit milder in flavor than SD’s.

              Baked beans: Excellent, thick and spicy with nice chunks of pork butt.

              Lemonade: Good, homemade and not too sweet. Might prefer a stronger, tarter, lemon flavor. Large size is a good deal for only $1.

              Specials: He also has weekly specials. This weekend was an Italian hoagie.

              Overall, Uncle Greg’s is excellent BBQ. Very difficult to choose between him and SD, and fortunately they are so close together you could even go to both for a “best of” selection. Or alternate between them like I have been doing. If you haven't had either, if you are into BBQ like me, I would drive 1+ hours one way to try and compare both (maybe make a day of it and stop by the Quakerstown farmers market or one of the local festivals).

              Since he doesn’t have a website, here's his menu:

              Ribs: rack, $21; half rack, $11
              Pulled pork: sandwich, $6; pint, $11
              Pulled turkey: sandwich with cranberry sauce, $7; pint, $12
              Sliced beef brisket: sandwich, $7; pint, $12
              BBQ ribs w 2 sides, $16
              Sliced beef brisket w 2 sides, $13
              Pulled pork w 2 sides, $12
              Pulled turkey w 2 sides, $16
              Uncle Greg’s sampler: 3 ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket w 2 sides, $16
              Family platter 1: 2 pints pulled pork, choice of 4 sides, 4 rolls, $35
              Family platter2: 1 rack of ribs, 1 pint pulled pork, choice of 4 sides, 4 rolls, $45
              Sides: cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, $5 pint, $3 half-pint
              Drinks: water, soda, homemade iced tea/lemonade, $1

              Catering available. Call ahead orders: 267-718-8247

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                Qute a comprehensive review of these two Lansdale spots, thanks. A business transfer had located me in the heart of BBQ country, no not Lansdale, but North Carolina with frequent travel requirements across Tennessee and South Carolina. I do love BBQ and do look forward to a taste of Lansdale's offerings. I was always certain after "pigging out" that I knew which was my favorite type. That is until my next BBQ, then that was my favorite. There is also a very nice BBQ offering from a truck parked often at the Skippack Outdoor Farmers Market location. I have had Phamous Phils in Evansburg twice and i must say that I do find some of their side dishes interesting. I guess I had been there on the "wrong day" and pick the "wrong BBQ" the times I visited.

                1. re: Bacchus101

                  You must be thinking of Dolores and Buddy's BBQ in Skippack. They have a funny little shed on wheels and were at the Lansdale Festival of the Arts on Saturday, but I didn't try them. They were out of pulled pork by 1PM. :(


                  1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                    Great write-up Tir! When I got the turkey sandwich I had to ask for the cranberry sauce and the nice lady there had a bit of trouble finding it. But it was worth the short wait, I guess they don't get many people wanting it but it made for a perfect sandwich. What am I doing typing away right now when I could be placing an order with Uncle! He is still open right now! And I'm already dreaming about this coming friday which seems a long way off for Smoke Daddy's. Good thing I have some leftovers to tide me over. With the stuff I get from Greg's I think I can make it til lunchtime thursday when Uncle's reopens again. Mon.-Wed. are the cruelest days.

                    1. re: givemecarbs

                      Well, after reading all of the good things about UG's...I went up today and got there at 1145. Greg was a nice gentleman and gave me samples of the pulled pork and the brikset. Both out of this world. As others mentioned, the trailer was beautiful. After much thought, I went with sample platter with ribs, pulled pork, briksket, coleslaw and beans.

                      Now, I drove up from Jeffersonville to get the food, so I knew I had to put it in the back seat...otherwise I would have been eating on the way home. Let me say that the food was exceptional. The ribs were amazing...not falling off the bone...but just right in that the meat comes off with ease. The pulled pork was moist with just the right amount of smoke. The brisket was heavenly...nice smoke right and just melted in your mouth. The slaw and beans were great as well.

                      For $16 for the sampler...there was a ton of food. I did eat about half for lunch...thinking I was going to have the rest for dinner tonight...but it was so darn good...I ate it all up.

                      Overall...I was so very happy to finally get to UG's. I do wish him well and hope his business flourishes. Greg said he hopes to make it to Thanksgiving...weather permitting. Made me realize...oh no...what are we going to do in the dead of winter for BBQ???

                      I will have to give SD's a try and will then report on my experiences there.

                      1. re: Adenn1

                        Eeeep! Stupid cold weather! I know on his website Smoke Daddy says he did something special for New Year's Day but it might be Eagles Club members only. Glad you enjoyed your visit Adenn. With both Uncle's and Daddy's Lansdale is a family bbq town. I wonder how much room I have in my freezer to stock up on bbq for the long winter.

                        1. re: givemecarbs

                          I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually see Smoke Daddy's morph into a bricks and mortar BBQ joint. He seems to be doing a pretty good business with just 2 nights a week, and is definitely building up his reputation. Sounds like a good way to test the waters before investing in something bigger...

                          In contrast, with his beautiful trailer, Uncle Greg could corner the fair and company picnic market. But he needs to do some advertising (SD sent out 1000s of mailers).

                          I don't care, as long as they both stay around Lansdale! [As I sit here enjoying some leftover SD ribs slathered in a 50:50 mix of SD's and UG's BBQ sauces. LOL, try to imagine what that tastes like!]

                          1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                            I don't have to imagine Tir, I have a container in my fridge into which I lovingly scrape all the leftover sauces from their little plastic containers. I can't bear to waste a delicious drop. Someone said in the other bbq thread that her husband joined the Eagles Club just so he could get bbq all year long. I remember the first time I had bbq beef, it was at the firehouse on Lansdale Day and it was tasty but nothing more than a sloppy joe sandwich. Lansdale has come a loooong way.
                            I wonder if I could convince Uncle to winter over in my driveway. :) At the very least he should offer a whole smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. As it stands I feel like a beastie fattening myself up before the long lean winter months. I'll have my bbq memories to keep me warm. Sniff.

                    2. re: Tir_na_nOg

                      Greg can be my Uncle anytiime! Loved the brisket, the pulled pork, potato salad, cole slaw and the beans. His style of ribs, my sampling, were meaty with good flavor : just not my kinda ribs. I like the fall of the bone and these were naw off the bone. Great suggestion and a frequent future stop, thank very much!

                      1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                        Nice write up, Ill have to try both these places... S

                        Sorry If I missed it but the pulled pork at either of these locations- finishing sauce on it (east carolina pepper)? or a thick red sauce

                        1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                          Finally got to Uncle Greg's today. About a 35 minute drive for me. As everyone else has mentioned Greg is super friendly and offered me samples of the pulled pork and brisket. Excellent! Ordered the sampler so I could get ribs as well. Sides of beans and potato salad. There is so much food for $16, I could not finish it all, will have the rest for lunch or a late snack. I agree with what just about everyone has said about all the food, really good home made potato salad, tasty beans, absolutely melt in your mouth brisket, the best I have ever had.

                          The ribs were toothsome, perfectly done, I went with the sweeter sauce as opposed to the Carolina vinegar style. Sauce was sweet, smoky, a hint of heat I thought. Pulled pork was moist with all kinds of flavor.

                          This was far better then Sweet Lucy's smokehouse IMO, which is hard to get to.

                          His printed menu says he is now open on Wednesdays as well. Haven't tried the other BBQ in Lansdale but Uncle Greg's is worth the drive if you live anywhere within a thirty minute radius.
                          Oh and the food was still warm when I got home. Greg recommended I nuke it on defrost for @ 3minutes which was perfect.

                          Sweet Lucy's
                          3201 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803

                        2. Holy Cow Flops...I can`t get enough of UNCLE GREGS Beef Brisket or his Pulled Pork. The kids fight over the last scrapings in the containers ...The wife says we`re going broke eating out so much but seems to always suggest we get take out from Uncle Gregs(go figure)...This stuff is the real deal!!! I live in Lansdale and have eaten at Smoke Daddys a few times at local events and venues..However I`ve never had Brisket or Pulled Pork or Ribs like Uncle Gregs very consistant...his meats are moist and tastfully cooked to perfection, and his homemade sauces are awesome, love his coleslaw and he`s always whipping up some new concoctions to try he is definitely a food guy at heart. I travel to... Kowaloneks Kielbasy Shop, 332 S Main St Shenandoah, PA 17976 about an hour and 20 min just for thier Homemade scrapple ..I go to Stocks Bakery 2614 E Lehigh Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125 about 40 minutes for Poundcake, I drive to south Philly to Anthony Bucci`s Sarcones Deli 9th and Catherine for a Hoagie or to his sisters Donnas in Limerick Called Sonnys Deli about 40 minutes, I go to Corropoleese for tomato pie and Toluttos for sharp provolone and Mozzerella cheeses... both about 20 minutes from my home..I do whatever it takes and try many many places each several times so not to have just hit them on a bad day, before I settle in on a favorite. Needless to say that to find UNCLE GREGS in my own backyard has made me and my family very happy!!!!

                          Sarcones Deli
                          643 Stokes Rd, Medford, NJ 08055

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                            1. re: ilovesummer

                              Foundry Road. Off Germantown Pike. There is a chocolate factory there also. The former pastry chef from Le Bec Fin. Antoine Amrani,

                            2. re: Food_is_my_life

                              I too feel lucky to have bbq close by Food Is. You might not have to travel far for your mozzerella either. Have you tried Bova foods?

                              1. re: givemecarbs

                                oh my!! thanks...often go to antoine' chocolate...never realized the italian place had cheeses...will definitely stop in ..thanks!!
                                yes to bova....interesting...but for me not worth the drive...

                            3. Finally made my way to Uncle Greg's... in a word... AMAZING. Greg is super friendly. Offered samples of the pulled pork and burnt ends. I ended up getting the sampler (ribs, brisket, pulled pork, potato salad, baked beans). LOVED every bite. Good news, he's hoping to stay open through the winter!!!

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                              1. re: SnowCat

                                OK, I am navigationally challenged. Drop me off in Philly where I grew up and I can't get lost if I try, put me in the burbs and I'm lost after the first turn. Where, exactly, is Uncle Greg's? I have looked and I can't find him.

                                1. re: gaffk

                                  Pull up a Google map of Lansdale. It will put the red dot at the intersection of Main & Broad. Look at Main, about an inch left of the spot and you'll see Cannon. Go up an inch on Cannon and you'll see it intersect with 7th. If you drive to that location, Uncle Greg is in the parking lot just to the left of 7th on the other side of Cannon.

                                  1. re: bucksguy14

                                    Thanks Bucks. I've probably driven by there 10 times and never noticed him. Hopefully I'll catch some brisket before he's gone for the winter.

                                    1. re: bucksguy14

                                      Uncle has about five little bbq signs near the sidewalk too. Here is his number so he can talk you in gaffk, or you can call ahead. 267 718 8247 Come on Thursday!
                                      My friend and I saw Smoke Daddy at Costco recently too.

                                      1. re: givemecarbs

                                        I hope he's open in the rain . . .as I'm feeling very beef briskety about now.

                                        1. re: givemecarbs

                                          He was open in the pouring rain. And thanks for the tip on the signs . . .I went right by it the first time, but when I doubled back I saw the signs and then his white tent (nice, as I didn't have to get soaked while ordering).

                                          First impression . . . damn, that's one clean white trailer. I've always lived in Philly, where the lunch truck cleanliness was pretty hit or miss. But I think I would agree to surgery in that truck.

                                          I, of course, let Uncle know the Chowhounds sent me. He seemed to get a kick out of that and think he may have blushed a little when I mentioned how you all rave about him.

                                          He let me try the brisket with no added sauce and with the sauce. Fabulous--especially with the sauce--good char, tender, done perfectly. I ordered the platter with beans and potato salad (I so wish he had mac and cheese :(

                                          Potato salad was good, but not something I'd go back for; but full disclosure, I prefer German potato salad made without mayo. Beans, however, are a must. They reminded me of how mom used to make them. But the star, of course was the brisket.

                                          The real stunner was when he handed me the container with my platter--I was not prepared for the heft of it. The bright side is there is still a decent portion of brisket awaiting me in my fridge when I get home tomorrow night.
                                          (So yeah, forget what I said about the potato salad--it's gone, as are the beans.)

                                          As I said on other posts on this board, I've worked in the area for years, but just recently moved from the city. Uncle's takes me in the opposite direction from work than I would normally go home. But it turns out I can get from Greg's to home in under 10 mins! So sorry I didn't try this spot earlier.

                                          I think I see BBQ turkey on my Saturday menu.

                                          1. re: gaffk

                                            Posted on Sunday. Had leftover pulled pork and beans. Was out every night this week. Just had the pork and beans four nights later.

                                            Thanks Uncle Greg.

                                            1. re: waynefoodie

                                              To avoid traffic, I'm an early in\early out worker. And I got the end of the brisket--hope he had more since it was only 4:30. Not complaining though, the seared end of the brisket is the best!

                                              Oddly, I was the only one there; I blamed it on the rain . . . .I was hoping to meet carbs :)

                                              1. re: gaffk

                                                I'm smelling a Lansdale BBQ taste test on the horizon... Uncle Gregs vs/ Smoke Daddy's somewhere in my future... and it smells like heaven!

                                  2. Floor it and head to Uncle Greg's Smokin BBQ immediately. I had the great pleasure of destroying the sampler last night. There was enough for a dinner and leftovers but I couldn't stop. The sampler included beef brisket, pulled pork and ribs, as well as cole slaw and potato salad. Wish I'd tried the baked beans after reading other reviews here. The sauce that Uncle Greg concocts is amazing while not taking away from the real star of the show, the MEAT! (slobber) It's takeout so you are in an even greater hurry to get home and devour the goods. (But you'll probably start working on it in your car!)
                                    I noticed other posters commenting on the cleanliness of the place and that is very true. Very friendly guy, really seems to love his work. No problem giving you a taste of whatever. Do not hesitate, do yourself a favor, go there NOW!

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                                    1. re: imark

                                      Greg's is open? Thought he closed around thanksgiving. Was just thinking of calling up Smoke Daddy at the Eagles club to see if he had any Cowtown Wolf Turds left to sample. Here is the description from Daddy's email:
                                      Of course I realize that these are very
                                      > > unappetizingly-named appetizers, so let
                                      > > me 'splain you. Take a jalapeno, slice it
                                      > length-wise
                                      > > and scoop out the seeds
                                      > > and pith, thereby making little green boats.
                                      > drop a
                                      > > couple slivers of garlic in
                                      > > the boat and some thinly sliced pork tenderloin rolled
                                      > up
                                      > > newspaper-style. Wrap
                                      > > yer little green boats with bacon, secure with a
                                      > toothpick
                                      > > and smoke them in the
                                      > > barbecue pit until the peppers are tender.

                                    2. Stopped at Uncle Greg's Smokin BBQ last Friday. Wow his food is great . The brisket is the best I've tasted in a long time. He gave me samples of the pulled pork, brisket and bbq chicken. He serves chicken on Firdays only and let me tell you it is great...nice spice flavor and good smoky charcol taste. If any is left over he pulls it and sells pulled chicken on Saturday. I also got samples of potato salad, baked beans and cole slaw... possibly the best cole slaw I've ever had. All the sides were great. Great food great people the best BBQ in the area. Greg is super friendly guy. I got the sampler platter with beans and slaw and a side of potato salad. I couldn't have eaten other bite. Give Uncle Greg a try you won't be sorry.