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Jul 26, 2005 04:39 PM

Roscos Chicken & Waffles

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I will be having dinner at the Long Beach location soon. Has anyone ever had the food at this place, and if so would you recommend it?

Also is there a particular item on the menu that you would say is a must have?


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  1. Well...the chicken and waffles for one. Just to try it. The Scoe's special...fried chicken + 2 waffles.

    I didn't particularly like the version with the smothered gravy.

    I recall to have enjoyed their cornbread as well.

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    1. re: Xericx

      Agree completely--that's why you go there, particularly the first time. However, I didn't think it was that great, but that's a matter of personal preference.

    2. I haven't been in a while, but I've also only been to the Long Beach location.

      I went for the basic Chicken and Waffle combo.

      Washed it down with a "Sunset" (half orange juice/half lemonade) or was it called a "Sunrise"?

      People will probably tell you that it's not as good as the hype makes it out to be...but just go and see for yourself.

      I did and I liked it.


      1. k

        I do enjoy it -- they make far better waffles than I do. Theirs are tender and chewy, whereas mine tend to come out crisp. I'd like to figure out what the difference is, but that's for another board!

        I usually get the Karen C. special, which is 1 chicken breast and 1 waffle. I've also had their smothered potatoes, which were lovely on a cold day. Not tempting in this weather, though. They heat up their maple syrup, which is a nice touch.

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          The chix & waffles are why you are there, but if someone in your group orders & shares the hill of fried chix livers, everyone will be just that much happier.

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            It's a 'Carol C.' special, and it's really good. The LB location is nice, but I usually eat at the Pico Blvd one or the Lake Ave one. The Hollywood one always has a line outside.

          2. Even if you wouldn't normally, order chicken thighs rather than breasts; the breasts get dry.

            I like both their chicken and their waffles okay; not into the gravy at all. You wouldn't go there for a salad, either, and the corn cakes are the kind that are very hard.

            There's no ambiance and the service runs from lackidaisical to downright frustrating.

            1. I have a friend who goes there and orders a triple order of eggs & onions. The scrambled eggs are creamy and I think the dish also has cheese in it. The biscuits are good too.