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Roscos Chicken & Waffles

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I will be having dinner at the Long Beach location soon. Has anyone ever had the food at this place, and if so would you recommend it?

Also is there a particular item on the menu that you would say is a must have?


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  1. Well...the chicken and waffles for one. Just to try it. The Scoe's special...fried chicken + 2 waffles.

    I didn't particularly like the version with the smothered gravy.

    I recall to have enjoyed their cornbread as well.

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      Agree completely--that's why you go there, particularly the first time. However, I didn't think it was that great, but that's a matter of personal preference.

    2. I haven't been in a while, but I've also only been to the Long Beach location.

      I went for the basic Chicken and Waffle combo.

      Washed it down with a "Sunset" (half orange juice/half lemonade) or was it called a "Sunrise"?

      People will probably tell you that it's not as good as the hype makes it out to be...but just go and see for yourself.

      I did and I liked it.

      Link: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com

      1. k

        I do enjoy it -- they make far better waffles than I do. Theirs are tender and chewy, whereas mine tend to come out crisp. I'd like to figure out what the difference is, but that's for another board!

        I usually get the Karen C. special, which is 1 chicken breast and 1 waffle. I've also had their smothered potatoes, which were lovely on a cold day. Not tempting in this weather, though. They heat up their maple syrup, which is a nice touch.

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          The chix & waffles are why you are there, but if someone in your group orders & shares the hill of fried chix livers, everyone will be just that much happier.

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            It's a 'Carol C.' special, and it's really good. The LB location is nice, but I usually eat at the Pico Blvd one or the Lake Ave one. The Hollywood one always has a line outside.

          2. Even if you wouldn't normally, order chicken thighs rather than breasts; the breasts get dry.

            I like both their chicken and their waffles okay; not into the gravy at all. You wouldn't go there for a salad, either, and the corn cakes are the kind that are very hard.

            There's no ambiance and the service runs from lackidaisical to downright frustrating.

            1. I have a friend who goes there and orders a triple order of eggs & onions. The scrambled eggs are creamy and I think the dish also has cheese in it. The biscuits are good too.

              1. The chicken's pretty good. But the waffle blew my friggin mind, and I would never have ordered it if it weren't in the combo.

                It's overpriced, though, and I agree that the service can be frustrating. I don't think they're necessarily all that well-run. A waitron at a location I will not mention looked around nervously when we asked for a minor substitution, told us they would do it, but added that they had been told by their manager that if they were caught subsituting anything they would be fired immediately.

                But hell, a place with that name -- ya gotta eat there at least once.

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                  Yes - it is overpriced. And you don't necessarily get a lot of food, either.

                  But it is pretty good. I like the gravy - some don't. I think the waffles are a bit too soggy (although still tasty) - some love the waffles. Haven't tried the chicken livers, but people seem to like those, also.

                  Haven't been to the one in Long Beach, but after going to the (original?) one on Gower, the one on Pico, and the imitation Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Oakland, I think that they are all pretty much the same. Except for that one in Oakland.

                2. Since their specialty is chicken and waffles, that would be a good place to start. :-) Whenever I go, I always get the chicken and waffles, or just chicken if I'm not in the mood for humongous waffles.

                  One bit of advice: if you get the chicken with gravy, you can ask for the gravy on the side, so that you can smother the chicken with gravy at your own eating pace. Otherwise, parts of the chicken will get soggy and mushy by the time you're halfway through the meal.

                  I've been to the Long Beach most recently. Parking lot is across the street from the restaurant, if you can't find street parking. I've been to at least two of their other locations in the past.

                  I found the link to their site, listed below. They have a downloadable menu in PDF format.

                  Link: http://www.roscoeschickenandwaffles.c...

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                    Roscos Chicken & Waffles suck. I am from Chicago I have never been so disappointed in my life. You call this fried chicken my kids can fry chicken that taste better then this sh-- and they cann't even cook. I got 3 wing and a waffle for $9.00 dollors I should have kill myself. You guys IN LA can keep this stuff to yourself but if you ever come down to the chi try some Harolds or Uncle Remce thats some good chicken.

                  2. I like to get the combo which is chicken, mac & cheese, cornbread and greens, all very yummy. I'll sometimes add a waffle a la carte (If I'm really hungry!). I don't much care for the gravy either, but my husband likes it, so to each their own!

                    1. In gearing up for your first visit to Roscoe's, the essay linked below by Thi (a great writer and long-time poster who hasn't been around too much lately) is a must-read. An oldie but a goodie, and does a great job of explaining the essence of Roscoe's.

                      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                      1. I'm gonna put in a double vote for the mac & cheese, which is a kind of big fluffy creamy cheesy omiGAWD soufflé. The fried chicken is of the crunchy sort, the greens are perhaps too mild, I don't care for the gravy - chicken gravy should be creamy, not like jus - and the "biscuits" aren't biscuits but yeast rolls. I don't know where that other poster got hard cornbread - the stuff on Lake Avenue is like a sweet fluffy corn cake (I would prefer hard). As for the waffles, I guess they're OK, but it's thirty degrees too hot to even THINK about waffles...

                        1. I'd highly reccomend the smothered potatoes and the greens. The chicken is really great too, though I haven't ordered it in a while. I've never had the waffles there but I'm told they're also wonderful.

                          1. I've been to the one on Pico and the one in Hollywood, and I have to say that the food there is not exactly up to the hype. It's a fun place to go, and a fun place to get a t-shirt, but then the novelty kind of wears off.

                            The chicken is pretty good, especially w/ the hot sauce. The waffles are soggy, which is fine if you like soggy waffles. But I don't like soggy waffles. The sides seem to be where it's at -- cornbread, mac and cheese, grits, etc. Also, the food is not expensive, but it ain't cheap, either. I say worth going a couple times for the novelty. I have never had any problems with service.